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Harvey Weinstein revealed as Bonfire Night effigy

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Credit: ITV Meridian

Harvey Weinstein has been revealed as the Edenbridge Bonfire Night effigy.

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society has been poking fun at infamous celebrities for more than 20 years.

The 11 metre guy will go up in flames alongside an effigy of Guy Fawkes this Saturday.

Weinstein was picked by the society to be this year's public figurine at the event after he became embroiled in a string of allegations of sexual assaults against female employees and movie stars.

Bonfire society organisers said Weinstein was the "obvious" option this year after the accusations came to light.

The giant figure is depicted holding a Hollywood star, a clapperboard emblazoned with the words "final cut" and standing on the base of an Oscar award inscribed with "H Weinstein".

Rumours of other names in the frame for this year included North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Last year, Donald Trump was the "overwhelming choice".

A steel-framed model of the then Republican US presidential candidate was made just days before he went head to head with Democrat Hillary Clinton and won the election.

More than 10,000 people attend the annual event, with families visiting from London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Organised by a team of volunteers, the evening begins at 6.30pm with a torch-lit carnival procession through Edenbridge High Street.

This is led by the Bishop of the Bonfire, his choirboys and the society's effigies as well as visiting societies from Sussex.

The evening ends with a firework display before the effigies are burnt.

In 2015 a model of scandal-hit former Fifa president Sepp Blatter was burned at the event.

Other well-known figures who had the dubious honour of being the celebrity Guy include Cherie Blair, Katie Price, Gordon Brown and Russell Brand.

"As with last year there were many strong contenders for this year's celebrity Guy, particularly in the political and cultural world."

"While the burning of the Guys is aimed as a light-hearted way to mark the traditional bonfire celebrations in the UK, there is of course nothing funny about (the allegations)."

– Bonfire Society spokesperson


Lance Armstrong goes up in smoke

Lance Armstrong goes up in flames Credit: ITV Meridian

A nine metre effigy of disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong has gone up in flames at a firework display in Kent.

The model of Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping offences, was torched in Edenbridge.

Thousands of people watched the event this evening.

Bye be Lance Armstrong Credit: ITV Meridian

Each year a celebrity who has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons is chosen as the effigy and becomes the bonfire guy.

Lance Armstrong effigy to go up in smoke

This year's Edenbridge effigy Credit: ITV Meridian

A nine metre model of the American, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping offences, will go up in flames in Edenbridge. Thousands of people are due at the event this evening.

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