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Fred and Sangeeta want your 'Election selfies'

As you know, there's a real trend for 'selfies' at the moment.

We've had the group selfie (remember that one at the Oscars?) and then there was the no make-up selfie!

But as we head towards the General Election on 7 May, we thought: wouldn't it be great if you could tell us and the politicians about issues that are important to you? Please send us your "Election selfie' to


Overhauling the approach to tackling crime

The way that crime is tackled is about to radically change. In November, police commissioners will be elected for the first time. Their role - will be to hold - chief constables to account and make the police more transparent and more accountable to the communities they serve.

Today the first candidates to be fielded by Labour and the Conservatives in the South East have been revealed.


  1. Phil Hornby - Political Correspondent

Ed Miliband's campaign for the South

The Labour leader Ed Miliband is in Southampton campaigning ahead of the local elections in May. The council is Conservative-controlled but Labour hope to make big gains here. Even though only a third if the council seats are up for election, they could even take control.

Mr Miliband has been holding a question and answer session with party members and other voters at the city's Eastpoint Centre. Introducing him, John Denham, the MP for Southampton Itchen said Mr Miliband has been the only party leader who has clearly spoken up for the so-called "squeezed middle".

Mr Miliband said politics must be done differently in future. He said the government were "onto something" when they said "we are all in this together" but their actions hadn't matched their words.

We need a sense of solidarity, a sense that there is shared sacrifice and shared reward. It is up to Labour to prove that they have the policies which really will mean we are all in this together.

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader