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£300,000 for Kent network of electric car chargers

It's been revealed that a charging point for electric cars - installed at a cost to taxpayers of 15 thousand pounds - has been used just four times in its first year of operation.

Despite that - and despite desperately low sales of electric cars - a further 300 thousand pounds of public funding has been announced today for a network of 49 more charging points across Kent. Is it a waste of money or a smart investment in a greener future?

John Ryall spoke to Eleanor McGrath from the Taxpayers' Alliance and Canterbury City Council chief executive Colin Carmichael.

Reading receives electric car chargers

Reading will receive several electric car charging points following a successful bid for Government funding.

The Department of Transport has announced that Reading Borough Council will receive a grant of £127,500 to help to pay for five charging sites.

The grant will cover 75% of the cost and the Council will provide the remaining 25% of the cost from sponsorship or Transport budgets.

The money includes:

  • £112,500 to install three rapid charge points for electric vehicles. The chargers recover 80% of an electric vehicle's battery in 20-30 minutes, facilitating longer journeys.
  • £15,000 to install two fast charge points which charge an electric vehicle in 3-4 hours.

I am very pleased that the Council's bid for this funding has been successful. We are committed to supporting Reading's Climate Change Strategy and this will be an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions on local roads.

The provision of these charging points will help to encourage local motorists to make the switch from petrol and diesel-powered cars and this will bring environmental benefits."

– Tony Page, Lead Councillor for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport