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African bull elephant arrives at Kent animal park

Coco arrived from Cabarceno National Park in Spain Credit: Howletts Wild Animal Park

Keepers at an animal park in Kent are celebrating the arrival of Coco, the African bull elephant.

Coco who's 15 arrived at Howletts from Cabarceno National Park in Spain. His arrival is part of an international breeding programme, which saw the park's other male elephant, Jums, travelling to a new home in Spain.

"The elephant transfer went very smoothly. We’re sure that Coco will eventually settle in well with our established herd and will become a firm favourite with our visitors. I’m delighted to confirm that Jums has also settled in very well at Cabarceno. International breeding programmes like these are vital for the health and welfare of our elephants and help to secure the future of the species. We’re going to let Coco settle in and get used to his new surroundings, then we plan to introduce him to the herd here. I think the females will love him."

– Neil Spooner, Animal Director
It's hoped Coco will be a hit with the female elephants Credit: Howletts Wild Animal Park

Coco was born on the 14th June in 2000 and he's already successfully mated several females at his former home in Spain.

Keepers at Howletts are hoping he'll be a hit with the female herd, so they can continue their impressive breeding record with African elephants.

"Coco is already settling in well at Howletts. I think that our females Jama and Jara will be particularly interested in getting to know him. They are both excellent mothers to the younger members of the herd and will soon be ready to start families of their own."

– Natalie Boyd, Head of Elephant Section

Inquest into man's death who was trampled by elephant

An inquest is due to open into the death of a Hampshire man who was killed by an elephant in India.

Colin Manvell, from Havant, was trampled by the animal in the Masinagudi National Park.

It is thought the retired teacher did not hear the elephant charge him whilst he was taking pictures of wildlife.

An inquest into the death of Colin Manvel is due to open today Credit: ITV Meridian


Tourist from Havant killed by an elephant in India

A man from Havant has died after being trampled by an elephant in India.

Colin Manvell, 69, died at the Masinagudi National Park in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Local police said Mr Manvell and a guide and an acquaintance had gone into an area of the forest that was out of bounds to tourists, so they could take pictures.

It was here that the elephant attacked.

Mr Manvell was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. He was later transferred to Gudalur Government Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

One report suggests he was killed after failing to hear guides and other tourists shout to him as the elephant approached.