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Zookeeper helps endangered monkeys

Zoo keeper, Jodie Dryden, spent 5 weeks in Indonesia working with black macaques Credit: Drusillas Park

A zoo keeper has been looking after critically endangered monkeys in Indonesia.

Jodie Dryden, who works at from Drusillas Park in East Sussex, has been assisting a programme for five weeks to raise awareness of the endangered black macaques in the wild.

Jodie Dryden assisted the Selamatkan Yaki Conservation Programme Credit: Drusillas Park

The macaques species are looked after at Drusillas but their population in the wild has declined by 80% over 40 years because of habitat destruction and hunting.

The primates are considered a local delicacy and are being killed at an unsustainable rate.

A Sulawesi crested black macaque in the wild Credit: Drusillas Park

Jodie said: "I work closely with the family group of macaques at Drusillas and have a keen interest in this species. I wanted to do something extra to help and the Selamatkan Yaki programme seemed perfect."