Robin Gibb MCU

Family at bedside in hospital

Robin Gibb, the composer & pop star, who lives at Thame, Oxfordshire is fighting for his life after contracting a chest infection.

The Titanic

Titanic images from the sea bed

A two month expedition has produced some of the most detailed images of the Titanic on the sea bed.

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Sir Bruce to play Hop Festival

Bruce Forsyth
Nice to see him, to see him nice Credit: Press Association

Sir Bruce Forsyth has signed up to go on stage at this year's Hop Farm Music Festival in Kent. The veteran entertainer is performing with his big band at the event in Paddock Wood.

Its organiser Vince Powell says he's especially honoured as Sir Bruce has not only never played at a festival, he's never even been to a festival. Bob Dylan is also booked to play.



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