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Two sides of the Brexit coin - Brighton and Gravesend react to leaving the EU

In the South East the majority of our constituencies voted to leave the EU - in fact more than a million people voted leave - that's 55 per cent of the turnout.

The most pro Brexit place in our region was Gravesham - where 65% voted to leave.

The most pro remain group was Brighton and Hove where 69% wanted to stay.

We've been back to both places to see if people have changed their minds. Andy Dickenson and John Ryall report.


Air traffic controllers in Europe will strike next week

Air traffic controllers across Europe plan to strike next week.

Passengers due to fly anywhere on Thursday 10th October are being warned that it is highly likely their flight will be delayed or cancelled.

Workers in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Albania, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland will be joining the 'action day.'

They are protesting against plans to streamline European air traffic control, which they say will threaten flight safety.

Passengers are being urged to contact their travel agent or airline.

The Brighton Declaration

There will be an increased security presence in Brighton today as representatives of 47 member nations from the Council of Europe gather to discuss reform of the European Court of Human Rights.

The Justice Secretary Ken Clark is hoping to reduce the number of cases which go to Strasbourg by asking all countries in the EU to consider human rights implications at a national level.

David Cameron has called for the less interference from the EU in British judicial proceedings.


EU challenge to wine ruling

An EU ruling, which has forced a Kentish wine producer to rename one of its products as "a fruit-based alcoholic beverage", is to be questioned in the European Parliament today.

South-East MEP Nigel Farage will challenge the legislators as to why Chapel Down Vineyard can't use the description "Kent Malbec" when the grapes used were imported from Argentina. The EU guidelines say the grapes must have been grown in the UK.

The wine, called "An English Salute", was to be launched on Tuesday 17 April (World Malbec Day) but the producer has been told it can't even sell the bottles already made because of the labeling.