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  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, March 2016

The economy... security... trade... immigration? What will decide how you vote in the big EU referendum debate this June? Today, another flashpoint: Calais, with the Remain campaign highlighting the French Government's claim that the so-called jungle could move to Kent if we vote Out.

Anneliese Dodds MEP, the Labour euro-MP for south east England and Conor Burns, the Conservative MP for Bournemouth West argue the case for and against. And we meet Arthur, a 102-year-old voter who promises to that on June 23 he will "crawl" to the voting booth, if he has to.


Wokingham MP says EU migrant 'brake' not good enough

David Cameron is set to discuss the plans with EC president Jean-Claude Juncker today Credit: PA

A veteran Tory Eurosceptic has said David Cameron's proposal to introduce an 'emergency brake' on immigration is not good enough.

John Redwood said proposals to limit benefits to European migrants were an "insult" that would not be acceptable to Tory backbenchers opposed to remaining in the bloc.

"That proposal is an insult to the United Kingdom. It's not a serious offer. We need to take back control of our borders and we need to be able to control our own welfare system. That falls well short of that."

– John Redwood, MP for Wokingham

Mr Redwood also told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the plans would leave Britain having to "beg" Brussels for permissions to limit benefits.

"It's just simply a bad joke," he added.


The Last Word, May 2014

In this month's Last Word, one week to go to the local and the European Elections. Maria Caulfield who is the Conservative candidate for Lewes; Layla Moran who hopes to win Oxford West & Abingdon for the LibDems; Harry Aldirdge who is fightng Guildford for UKIP;

and Rowenna Davis who is Labour's candidate in Southampton Itchen.

Polish immigration to the South

This week it's ten years since Poland joined the EU. Thousands of people travelled to the south in search of a new life and new opportunities. Magda and Peter Brendzel and their seven year old daughter were among the first to arrive here in 2004.

Immigration remains a hot topic and in the first of our special series of reports we find out about their story. Who are the people behind the headlines?

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