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Campaigners fight against "fracking" in Europe

A campaigner against the process of extracting or "fracking" gas from the ground is calling for a temporary Europe-wide ban on the practice.

Rosemary Rechter from 'East Kent Against Fracking' has been speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels. Her campaign follows the approval of plans for test drilling at Sandwich.

Fracking involves forcing water underground to force cracks to appear in the earth, which in turn releases gas, which can be burned for energy.


The Brighton Declaration

There will be an increased security presence in Brighton today as representatives of 47 member nations from the Council of Europe gather to discuss reform of the European Court of Human Rights.

The Justice Secretary Ken Clark is hoping to reduce the number of cases which go to Strasbourg by asking all countries in the EU to consider human rights implications at a national level.

David Cameron has called for the less interference from the EU in British judicial proceedings.


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