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  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

Could taking drugs be the answer to getting the nation moving?

A controversial solution to the problem of obesity and lack of exercise has been dubbed 'Doping for Lazy People.' It's the brainchild of a professor at the University of Kent who insists the use of mind-changing drugs to get people moving is the only answer. Sarah Saunders reports.

Health expert praises walkers

Walking is free and good for your health soit’s understandable that more people are doing it to get to work.

Clearly some people need to use alternative modes of transport, but even then there are easy ways to build exercise into that journey - park further away from the office or get off the bus a stop early, for instance.

Britain is facing an obesity crisis that is fuelled by inactivity. It is essential for the health of the nation that people find time to exercise and hopefully these statistics are an encouraging sign that the message is getting through.

– Dr Helena Johnson, Chair of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy