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  1. Mike Pearse

Icelandic volcano could erupt again - grounding UK flights once more

It is just "a matter of time" before another volcano in Iceland erupts - disrupting flights over here in the UK, and the rest of Europe once again That is the view of experts from the South who are developing a system for aeroplanes that will detect ash in the sky.

Back in 2010, most airline services in the region, and much of the UK were grounded because of a drifting Icelandic ash cloud following a volcanic eruption. Mike Pearse reports.

Volcanic ash crisis could happen again

The 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull disrupted flights across the UK

Since then easyJet have been leading the industry research into the problem. They say by developing a system that identifies where the ash is in the sky will enable planes to keep flying without the need to close larger areas of our skis to planes.

Instead airspace closures could be targeted to where the clouds of ash are rather than the current system of closures over a wider area. Meanwhile experts at Oxford University are researching the effect of the ash and why volcanos are erupting more frequently than ever before.

Global warming is thought to be part of the reason. Ash brought back from Iceland at the weekend will be analysed as part of the research.