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Police believe grandfather was burgled while at granddaughter's funeral

Police are appealing for help after a burglary at an address in Victoria Road, Sandown sometime between Tuesday, January 21 and Sunday, January 26.

A number of items were taken in the burglary including a brown metal cash tin with ‘Dad’ printed on it containing £300-£500 in pound coins, a gold sovereign ring, and a plain gold wedding band.

The occupant of the property, a 60-year-old man, is the grandfather of 14-year-old Kiri Jade Hodgekinson who died very recently in a road traffic collision on the Isle of Wight. It is believed that this burglary may have happened on the day of Kiri's funeral as people had access to the address to use facilities and offer condolences. The cash tin in particular is fairly distinctive and would have been quite heavy. If anyone is aware of someone recently coming into possession of items matching this description please contact us.”

– Det Con Katy Lee

Offensive Facebook page abuses fatal crash victim

Inspector Terry Clawson said: "The page has since been taken down but has already caused unbearable upset for Kiri-Jade's family and friends.

"We're taking this matter very seriously and investigating it from a criminal perspective.

"We're working with Facebook and following other lines of inquiries and we will be taking appropriate action.

"If you have any information that can assist with our inquiries, please contact us directly. If you come across any similar sites, please also let us know and avoid commenting on them."


Family pay tribute to Kiri-Jade

Kiri-Jade Hodgkinson Credit: Hampshire Police

Kiri-Jade Hodgkinson died after the car she was travelling in was involved in a collision on the Mersley Down road on the Isle of Wight.

In a statement, her family said: “Kiri-Jade is a loving 14-year-old girl with a zest for life. She is adored by her loving mother Carly and her 8-year-old sister Megan. “Kiri-Jade is part of an extended family who all miss her dreadfully."

Police investigate offensive Facebook page

Police are appealing for information about an offensive Facebook page that was set up after a teenager died on the Isle of Wight. 14-year-old Kiri-Jade Hodgkinson was killed in a car crash last week on the Mersley Down Road.

The page has since been taken down, and the Hodgkinson family said it has already caused unbearable upset amongst friends and the family. Hampshire Police are now considering it as a criminal matter.

Burglars follow Facebook

More people are raising the chances of having their homes burgled by posting they're out or on holiday on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Experts warn incidents are likely to rise over the Christmas period, especially as many people post photos of their gifts. David Wood reports. His piece includes interviews with Teresa Bateman and social media expert Benjamin Cohen.


109 year old embraces Facebook on her birthday

Lily is 109-years-old today and is possibly the oldest person on facebook Credit: ITV Meridian

A great-great-grandmother who has embraced Facebook and modern technology is celebrating her 109th birthday today.

Lily Strugnell lives in a care home in Newport, Isle of Wight and was born the eldest of 11 children on August 6, 1904, in Portsmouth.

Lily Strugnell celebrated her 109th birthday as she checks her facebook page Credit: ITV Meridian

Is Lily the oldest person to use Facebook?

Lily Strugnell from Isle Of Wight, 109, shows off her Facebook page on her tablet device Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A great-great-grandmother who has embraced Facebook and modern technology is celebrating her 109th birthday. Lily Strugnell, a resident of Barchester's Orchard House care home in Newport, Isle of Wight, was born the eldest of 11 children on August 6, 1904, in Portsmouth.

The daughter of a fisherman, she started her life technology-free - the first known photograph of her was when she married at the age of 22. But now Mrs Strugnell is happy looking at family photos on Facebook and even has her own dedicated page allowing friends and relatives to keep in touch.

Lily chats to her friends on Facebook Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Lily said: "I couldn't write my name until I went to school, when teachers stuck a pencil in my hand. I thought it was a stick!"

Has Facebook's bubble burst?

It was a real novelty, being able to contact family and friends at a moment's notice, when and wherever your were. Social media sites on the internet have been all the rage for the past few years.

But as with many new crazes over the years, there are signs that we're getting fed up of Facebook and tired of tweeting.

Is it the end of an era, or the start of another one? Andrew Pate speaks to "Techno Gran" Brenda Meakin and Lisa Harris and Fiona Harvey from University of Southampton.

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