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Falklands 35 years on: veterans board the Queen Elizabeth to mark anniversary

Thirty five years ago Britain was at war in the Falklands.

More than 250 British troops were killed during the conflict in 1982, which began after the small islands in the South Atlantic were invaded by Argentina.

A number of merchant ships from the South were used to transport troops and materials, including the QE2 which was based in Southampton.

Today, veterans and volunteers went aboard the QE2's successor, the Queen Elizabeth, to mark the anniversary.

Kevin Ashford reports from the port.

Kevin spoke to volunteer Jacqui White and Former Guardsman Rob Nicholls.


End of Falklands war commemorated

It was 30 years ago today. Argentina's surrender brought the Falklands war to an end, and this Sunday veterans from across the country will gather in Aldershot to commemorate the anniversary.

Around 1,000 people will take part in a Drumhead Service at the town's military cemetery - where 18 of their comrades are buried. Kerry Swain has been there to talk to two of the Paras about their memories.

Memorial service for Falklands fallen

Veterans from across the South are preparing to remember their fallen comrades at a special memorial service in Aldershot.

Thirty years ago today Argentine soldiers surrendered to British Forces. This weekend more than 1000 former PARAS will march through the town.

The anniversary comes as residents of the Falkland Islands prepare to vote in a referendum on whether they wish to remain in the UK.

Argentina claims sovereignty over the islands and the anniversary has raised tensions between the two countries.

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