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Lambs die and crops struggle in record wet spring

This is set to be one of the wettest springs for years, according to the Met Office.

And that's causing major problems for farmers right across our region.

New-born lambs have been dying in the cold and rain, while the ground is too sodden for crops to be sown.

Malcolm Shaw has been to one farm in Sussex to find out more.

From the common market to the livestock market, what farmers think of the EU referendum

Nine days to go until the EU referendum.

Arguably no group will be more affected by the referendum decision than the farmers.

A fair percentage of the money we put into the EU goes towards farming subsidies. Today the LEAVE campaign claimed those payments will be protected for British farmers if we vote for Brexit.

Well many British farmers rely heavily on EU pay-outs to stay afloat. So will that sway their decision? Here's Sarah Saunders reporting from Hailsham livestock market.


Dairy farmers call for a fair price for milk

Local farmers gathering at Whitehall this morning Credit: ITV Meridian

Dairy farmers from the South have joined others at Whitehall in London to protest against milk prices.

Average milk prices for many dairy farmers are currently below 25p per litre,

even though their production costs are running at more than 30p per litre.

Farmers who have direct contracts with some supermarkets are paid on the basis

of production costs, and it is hoped a voluntary code could be worked out with Ministers which

sees all dairy producers paid according to a formula which takes costs into