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Statement from Michael Griffith's family

"Michael loved life in his own way" Credit: Sussex Police

"There are no words to describe the effect of losing Michael has had on the family, especially his two brothers.

The cruel and calculated way in which his life was taken has mentally affected our lives. Not one day goes by without the thought of what terrible injuries

were inflicted upon him just over a year ago on that long night in January.

Michael loved life in his own way, working with jewellery and antiques, and he was extremely talented in producing one-off designs for people. We will never come to terms with this family tragedy.

Unfortunately we now live in a world of greed and violence and no sentence for this violent crime will ever be enough for the people who were involved. Perhaps they could imagine the pain if it were to happen to one of their own family

Michael we miss you, God Bless. "

3 guilty of Fernhurst Killing

Zac Cowdrey was found guilty of the murder of Michael Griffiths Credit: Sussex Police

Two men have been found guilty of the murder of Michael Griffiths in Fernhurst and another has been found guilty of his manslaughter. Mr Griffith's body was found in the burnt out remains of his home in Glebe Close in January 2013.

Harvey Munford was also found guilty of the murder of Michael Griffiths Credit: Sussex Police

Munford and Cowdrey were sentenced to life sentences in prison with a minimum of 32 years for the murder and 9 years to run concurrently for the other offences.


Wildlife at Balcombe 'in danger' charity says

The Sussex Wildlife Trust claims that insufficient consultation and surveys were carried out before oil drilling started at Balcombe.

The charity says the ancient woodland surrounding the site in West Sussex could be home to a number of species of woodland birds, bats and dormice and their habitat is potentially being disrupted while exploration takes place.

  1. Tom Savvides

VIDEO REPORT: Could fracking start in your village?

First it was Balcombe, now it's been revealed that a village just a few miles away could be the next site for test drilling for oil. And with deposits identified across the south, many fear it could be only a matter of time before they're next.

Tom Savvides reports from Fernhurst in Sussex and speaks to residents and campaigners Marcus Adams and Martyn Knights.


Protesters block fracking lorries

Protestors block the lorries from entering the site in Balcombe Credit: ITV Meridian

Protestors remain at Balcombe after test drilling began at the site on Friday.

Anti-fracking protests have been blocking the path of lorries driving onto the site as they prepare to drill.

Protests have delayed Cuadrilla's plans to drill a vertical 3,000ft well to last up to three months.

Police at Balcombe allow lorries to enter site amid protestors Credit: ITV Meridian
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