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Premiere for 'The Lost Choices' film made in Ramsgate

The film was made in Ramsgate

A feature film that was made in Ramsgate and starring local people who gave up their time for free has had its premiere in the town.

"The Lost Choices" was made on a shoestring budget by Jamie Thomson, a writer/director who went to extreme measures to get the film made, as David Johns reports.

The interviewees include actors Levi hart and Callum Pease.


Mr Holmes, film about world's most famous detective, filmed in the South

Sir Ian McKellen has played everything from Shakespeare to science fiction and now he takes on a role as famous as anything that's come before.

The actor who gave us Macbeth on stage and Gandalf on screen in the Lord of The Rings saga now takes on the mantle of the world's greatest detective in his new film Mr Holmes. Much of the movie was filmed across the South as he tells our very own Phil Hornby.

South of England is star of Hollywood

Director Rob Marshall during the filming Credit: Creative England

Creative England has teamed up with Disney and the Britain is Great Campaign, to promote filming in the Meridian region.

Disney’s latest fairytale blockbuster, Into The Woods, was shot on location in Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Berkshire and Kent.

The film has already topped the American box office and been nominated for three awards at this weekend’s Golden Globes.

The spellbinding backdrop included Dover Castle in Kent, where Cinderella marries her prince and Great Windsor Park, the setting for mythical woods where characters from Little Red Riding Hood to Cinderella seek to make their dreams come true.

Director, Rob Marshall, said: “England is so rich in terms of so many things we needed for fairytales. It has period villages still. It has magnificent forests and woods with ancient trees with scale and size. And it has castles, part of our fairytale world."

Bygone age- curiosities in the South from the Pathe archive

What do an elephant's ear muffs, Britain's biggest family and a two year old parachutist have in common? They're just some of the more unusual stories filmed by Pathe newsreel cameras in the South during the middle of the last century. Made to be shown between feature films in cinemas, they were the Meridian "and finally" stories of their day. Rachel Hepworth looks at some of the more curious stories making the headlines. (And if you feature in any of these stories, we'd love to hear from you- especially the two year old parachutist!)

Down the pub in a bygone era - Pathe gems in the South East

The plight of the local pub is never far from the headlines, with hundreds in the south east closing every year. But the sad truth is, we don't use them in them in the way we used to, in the days before television and digital technology.

As historic newsreels show, the pub really was the centre of community life. Rachel Hepworth's been looking at a bygone way of life, in the Pathe archives


Amphibious caravans and the last Spitfire

More Pathé News reels from the 20th Century, giving an amazing insight into quirky modes of transport in the south east. Here we see the final piece of the last ever Spitfire being put into place, as well as a caravan - that could be used on water.

Caravan racing at Brands Hatch in 1966

Caravan racing at Brands Hatch, a 'Tipsy Taxi' service for inebriated drivers and cycling vintage bikes from London to Birmingham. These old Pathé News reels give an amazing insight into 'life on wheels' in the south east during the 20th Century.

Region to celebrate 'Days of Fear and Wonder...'

It's the biggest celebration the British Film Institute has ever held with talks and classic science-fiction movies from War of the Worlds to 2001: A Space Odyssey being performed everywhere from in pubs to planetariums.

The BFI's Days of Fear and Wonder season begins across the region this weekend and, as Andy Dickenson found out, two of the world's greatest sci-fi authors were inspired by a small village in the heart of Sussex.

He speaks to Michael Sherborne, H.G. Wells' biographer; Dr Benjamin Noys, from the University of Chichester; and Ellen Cheshire, of Film Hub South East.

Clips from War of the Worlds, courtesy of Paramount Pictures, Village of the Damned, courtesy of Warner Bros, and The Invisible Man, courtesy of Universal Studios.

Brighton Film Festival

The Brighton film festival is drawing to a close this weekend. Cine-City is in its 11th year and showcases the very best in international cinema. But on Saturday, local film-makers are being given the chance to have their work screened.

Charlotte Wilkins has had a preview and speaks to Cine-City Co-Director, Tim Brown; Producer, Cecilia Bartolome; and directors Sina Krause, Barbara Myers and Paul Loman.

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