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Firefighters to go on strike today from 10am till 5pm

Firefighters will go strike today in an ongoing row over pensions and working conditions Credit: ITV News

Firefighters across the South will go on strike today in a row over pensions and working conditions.

Members of the Fire Brigade's Union walked out between 10am and 5pm today as part of a series of planned walkouts.

Unconscious man rescued after pizza sets alight

A man from Andover had to be rescued after he left the oven on after cooking pizza.

The man fell unconscious after he put his food in the oven and fell asleep at his home on Saturday 26th April.

Smoke originally went undetected as the batteries had been removed from the downstairs smoke alarm.

Luckily, the upstairs alarm was activated and a neighbour raised the alarm.

The man was then carried unconscious from the house and was treated for smoke inhalation but did not require hospital treatment.

Cooking after a night out, especially if alcohol has been involved, is usually a bad idea. You're far more likely to fall asleep, leaving the the cooking to burn. In this incident, the problem was compounded by the fact the batteries had been removed from the smoke alarm downstairs. This is clearly a very dangerous thing to do and in this case the presence of a second smoke alarm upstairs proved to be a potential lifesaver."

– Station Manager Glenn Bowyer, from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's community safety team


Fire Service urge public to stay safe during strikes

As many across the Meridian will celebrate New Year's Eve tonight, Hampshire Fire Service are warning residents to take extra care.

Further industrial action by the Fire Bridgade's Union goes ahead between 6.30pm and 12.30am tonight.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service will be answering and responding to emergency calls as usual, but response times may be affected by the strike action.

Assistant Chief Officer Bob Ratcliffe said: "We want everyone to have a fantastic New Year’s Eve but we also want the night to pass safely and for people to remember that there will be fewer firefighters and vehicles available to us during this strike period.”

Firefighters' strike on New Year's Eve

Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service is again reminding people to ‘take extra care’ when firefighters go out on strike on New Year’s Eve.

The dispute between the Fire Brigades’ Union and the Government is over pension reforms, firefighters will be walking out for six hours from 6.30pm on 31 December.

A further strike has been called for two hours from 6.30am on the morning of 3 January.

New Year’s Eve is a time when people want to celebrate, so we would urge everyone to have a good time but to also take extra care when they’re out and about. Because of the strike, we will have reduced resources available but we are ensuring that we maintain cover to the best of our ability. People should still call 999 if they have an emergency – we will attend, but it may take us a little longer than usual to arrive.”

– Simon Routh-Jones, Chief Fire Officer