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Fixers: Young woman warns against cosmetic surgery

The number of cosmetic operations in the UK rose by 17% last year, as nearly one in a thousand people went under the knife.

A young woman from Hampshire is urging others her age not to rush into the operating theatre, because she regrets her own decision to have surgery. She has enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to make a short film about the issue.

Fixers: Teenager's story of doing sports with an illness

A teenager who lives with constant pain from a condition that attacks her nerves, says the condition has not stopped her representing Britain at judo in this summer's Special Olympics.

Now, with the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - a 17-year-old from Winchelsea in Sussex wants better understanding for victims of her hidden illness.


Fixers: Cardiac arrest in the young

Russell Baker suffered a heart attack outside a cafe in Chatham a year ago. But he was lucky the owner had been a nurse, and was able to help him when his heart stopped.

What was unusual about Russell's situation was that he was in his early twenties, and exercised regularly. He never thought he would be someone who would have heart problems.

Now, Russell is spreading the word about the importance of heart health to young people. He wants to encourage more people his age and younger to undergo heart screening. Russell's story is the Meridian East Fixers report for January 2013.

Fixers: Life for prisoners' families on the outside

A young man from the South has launched a 'Fixers' campaign to make prison inmates more aware of the impact of their actions on their families left to cope with life on the outside.

In this month's Fixers report for Meridian West we hear from prisoners' relatives on how inmates need to understand how their crimes have affected their loved ones.

New research shows that if prisoners are made more aware of the pain they cause loved ones, they are much less likely to re-offend. One man is taking steps to make this happen.