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Flood waters finally easing across the South

Homes across the South were devastated by the recent flooding Credit: ITV Meridian

Flood waters that devastated southern England are gradually easing - bringing some welcome news for homeowners who were affected by the extreme storms.

Only one severe flood warning remains from the Environment Agency across England in Somerset.

As many homes remain flooded, water levels are continuing to affect access to villages but increased pumping of water mean tides are starting to fall.

Nineteen flood warnings remain: nine in Kent, Surrey and the Thames Valley and eight in Dorset and Somerset.

Despite no recent rainfall, areas across the South are still at risk of flooding because of remaining groundwater.

Several flood risks to homes and disruption in travel remain for parts of London and East Hampshire, as well as a smaller risk for Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

Severe Flood Warnings issued for Dorset and the New Forest

New Severe Flood Warnings issued for the region Credit: PA Images

As 80 mph winds and heavy rain batters the south tonight, new Severe Flood Warnings have been issued for parts of Dorset and the New Forest. The Environment issue their highest warning where there is a threat to life.

These areas are: Christchurch Harbour, West Bay Harbour, Chiswell, and Lymington.

It brings the total number of Severe Flood Warnings across the country to 24, including 14 along the River Thames in Berkshire and Surrey.

For more on the Severe Flood Warnings click here.


Flood warning for the River Meon

About 10mm of rain has fallen on the catchment overnight. A moderate then heavier band of rain will cross the area on Sunday with widespread amounts of 5mm but maximums from 10 to 15mm. Further unsettled weather is expected on Monday.

Upstream flows have increased but are now steady and receding slowly today, though they will increase with tomorrow’s rain. The river in Wickham has risen due to overnight rain though it is now falling very slowly but the river will be out of bank around the Millennium Water Meadow.

The area between Titchfield Road bridge to Titchfield Haven experiencing out of bank flow with levels increasing. Sunday’s rain will increase levels by a small amount but risks to property will increase. River flows are affected by high groundwater levels throughout the catchment.


Warning after man is rescued from car stuck in floods

This driver had a lucky escape and had to be rescued Credit: Dorset Fire and Rescue

A man has been rescued after getting trapped in a car in flood water in Dorset.

The incident happened incident at Tarrant Monkton this morning.

Dorset Fire and Rescue is advising people not to drive into any flood water.

It can be deceptively deep and only 30cm of water is enough to float a car.

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