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Experts warn of more storm damage

Further storms, high tides and gale-force winds are expected across many parts of the UK over the weekend as communities already hit by a trail of devastation begin to assess the damage.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings of rain in the south of England and snow in the north of England and southern parts of Scotland. Up to 30mm (1.1in) of rain could fall in just six hours, and there are more warnings of flooding and travel disruption

Residents in Chiswell and Portland in Weymouth, Dorset, were evacuated ahead of high tide last night, while around 100 people living in Aberystwyth, Dyfed, were advised to move to higher ground, with many taking shelter in rest centres.

The risk of flooding to the coast will continue over the next few days, especially on the south and west coast and along the Severn estuary.

– Jonathan Day, flood risk manager at the Environment Agency


Dorset Police advice residents during flood warnings

Dorset Police have given their advice to residents of the county as floods continue this weekend.

Their advice includes:

  • Stay away from coastal areas. Do not go sightseeing or to view the waves as these areas are very dangerous at present.
  • Do not paddle in the sea or go out to sea unnecessarily as the tides and winds are very strong.
  • Do not visit or attempt to go into rivers. The currents are strong and the conditions around the rivers are unstable.
  • Do not ignore road closure signs.

Flood alerts have been issued around the county, including West Bay in Bridport, Weymouth, Poole and Christchurch Harbours, Swanage and Iford in Bournemouth.

The River Char has burst its banks and the risk of flooding in the area near the River Stour remains in place as more rain is forecast.

Drivers have also been advised whilst travelling through flooded areas to:

  • Exercise caution when approaching standing water on the road
  • Give consideration to the depth of water
  • Do not take risks driving through flood waters
  • Drive through shallow water slowly and be aware of the effect of waves on other road users


Saturday's forecast for the Meridian region

Headline:Largely cloudy with occasionally heavy rain. Brighter later with showers.

Today:Cloudy with occasionally heavy rain across all parts. Then becoming brighter later with occasional showers and sunny spells. Strong southerly winds will become southwesterly later. Maximum temperature 10 deg C (50 deg F).

Tonight:Occasional showers are possible during the evening and night, interspersed with clear spells. Becoming largely dry by dawn as winds ease, perhaps with a touch of ground frost. Minimum temperature 1 deg C (34 deg F).

Havant borough council flood update

A high tide and storm conditions have led to limited flooding in Emsworth, Langstone and Hayling Island.

The flooding caused some damage to the slipway at Langstone, which will be assessed, along with the rest of the foreshore, once the weather allows.

There is more bad weather expected this weekend and Havant Borough Council will have staff on stand-by to assist if required.

Residents are asked to stay safe during this time and not visit areas where flooding is expected. There is a risk of being swept away by rough seas or flood water.

If anyone sees flooding near electricity substations in residential areas they are asked to report it to Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) on 0800 072 72 82.

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