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Fire crews called to deal with flooding in Brighton

Fire crews try to deal with flooding at the Westdene parade of shops Credit: Roger Ward
Fire crews try to deal with flooding at the Westdene parade of shops Credit: Roger Ward
Fire crews try to deal with flooding at the Westdene parade of shops Credit: Roger Ward
Fire crews try to deal with flooding at the Westdene parade of shops Credit: Roger Ward

Families still unable to move back into flooded homes

Families forced into temporary accommodation after a bust water main destroyed their homes in Oxford a week ago say they still don't know when they will be allowed to return.

50 properties in Normandy Crescent in Cowley were flooded after a 24 inch pipe burst turning their road into a river last Tuesday.

Our reporter Kate Bunkall met up with some of the residents today to find out how they're coping.


Burst water main : latest from Thames Water

Thames Water have this evening released a statement following a burst water pipe in Cowley which flooded a road and a number of properties.

· Floodwater now all been pumped away into surface water sewers

· Residents who wish to access their homes can now do so

· Evacuation centre at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre being wound down. Support vehicle parked up in Normandy Crescent is now first point of call for residents. The vehicle will be on site until 7pm this evening and then will return for 8am tomorrow morning.

· Thames Water loss adjusters working with council to find alternative accommodation for residents who cannot move back into their homes. Also arranged hire cars for those whose vehicles were affected by the flooding.

· Confirmed 23 properties where residents require alternative accommodation.

· Pipe that burst is 12 to 15 feet underground. Excavation work to get to it will begin tomorrow. Team have spent this afternoon planning that activity

· No longer any water supply issues as a result of this burst

"Our priority today has been the staying in touch with affected residents and tackling the flooding. We’ve worked closely with the council to find alternative accommodation for those who need it and we’ve also provided cars in some cases too.

“We’ve spent this afternoon planning how we’ll repair the pipe, which is more than 12 feet underground, and we’ll begin digging tomorrow.

“We understand some customers will be upset and frustrated. What’s happened here is horrendous. This is our pipe, our responsibility, and we are doing all we can to put things right."

– Thames Water

Emergency shelter for families affected by burst water main in Oxford

Oxfordshire County Council’s fire and rescue and emergency planning teams have been helping residents in east Oxford after a burst water main caused significant flooding.

A total of five fire and rescue service appliances attended the scene having been called shortly after 5am. Firefighters remained at the scene until mid-afternoon.

Representatives from the council’s emergency planning team remain involved in helping with the aftermath of the incident, along with Oxford City Council.

It is estimated that around 50 properties were affected, 23 have severe water damage – with others having been affected in some way, including being cut off because of flood waters outside the property.

A rest centre for residents affected by the flooding was opened during the morning at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre. At the height of the incident a total of fifty residents were at the centre, having been transported there by the county council.

Clothing and food was provided to those residents. Representatives from Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, Thames Water, the Red Cross and the Plymouth Brethren have been at the rest centre offering advice and support to residents.

Two families remain at the centre. Thames Water has been working to find overnight accommodation for those who cannot stay with relatives. This would include potential stays in hotels.

“There has been a high standard of co-operation between agencies during this incident. The response was quick and the emphasis has been on caring for residents and providing timely advice. Thames Water are promising to give every assistance to those affected, including the necessary financial help and temporary accommodation for those who need it. Thames Water has now taken on the role of managing the clean-up operation and they are working closely with Oxford City Council on this. We will assist them in any way we can.”

– Emergency Planning Officer Bethan Morgan

Flooding problems continue in Oxford after water burst

Fifty homes flooded by water main burst

“The flooding has been caused by a burst 24-inch water pipe. Around 50 properties have been affected and we’re working closely with the emergency services and emergency planning teams to take care of the residents. An evacuation centre has been set up at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre.

“Our engineers have turned off the water supply to the broken pipe to stop any further flooding and once the floodwater has been cleared we’ll start fixing it.”

– Thames Water
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