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The Channel Tunnel is closed due to power problems

Passenger and freight services through the Channel Tunnel were suspended earlier today because of a technical fault in the tunnel. Both Eurotunnel and Eurostar services were affected, while the tunnel was closed. Technical teams have now resolved the issue but passengers are warned of long delays. Lorries are facing a 90 minute wait for Check In and a further 4 1/2 hour wait on the Channel Tunnel Terminal.

Body found in lorry which may have come from France

A body has been found in lorry in Kent. Credit: @Kent_999s

A man has been found dead in the back of a lorry which police believe may have come from France.

Officers from Kent Police were called to the incident on the A20 at Sellindge near Folkestone on Tuesday morning.

The South East Coast Ambulance was also deployed to the area.

An investigation is underway to identify the dead man and find out the cause of his death.


  1. Tom Savvides

The floods of Folkestone - twenty years on

The floods that swept through the centre of Folkestone twenty years ago, left devastation in their wake. Since then the Environment Agency has put in place a number of flood prevention measures to protect properties. A series of events is taking place this weekend to inform people living near streams and rivers of what action they can take when water levels rise. Tom Savvides has been speaking to shopkeeper Mary Constantine and Ian Nunn from the Environment Agency.

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