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£10,000 of gold buried on Folkestone beach - but is it art?

Hundreds of beachcombers are searching the sands of Folkestone today for thirty gold discs hidden on the beach by a German artist. The hidden treasure is part of an artistic productions by Michael Sailstorfer for the town's triennial art festival. It's an event that happens every three years and sees thought provoking work in galleries and local streets.

The beach, which becomes partly covered at high tide, is open to the public. The pieces of gold are dispersed across a wide expanse of beach, which is only revealed during low-tide.

Metal discs have also been scattered on the beach so people searching with metal detectors may not find it as easy to find the gold as they think.


  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

Bertha storm: Collapsed ceiling, localised flooding and transport delays.

The region prepared itself for torrential rain and gale force winds today as the remains of Hurricane Bertha arrived. The storm caused part of a supermarket ceiling to collapse in Maidstone, localised flooding across the region and transport delays - but in most areas, it had cleared away by the late afternoon.

Sarah Saunders' report has viewer footage from Ian Duffus and Charlotte Thurston. She spoke to flood victim Bill Smith and weather forcaster Philippa Drew.

  1. Kevin Harrison

Lights out - the South East remembers The Great War

At 11 o clock last night, lights the length and breadth of the country were dimmed, or put out, to remember the dead of the Great War. It was a hundred years, exactly, to the hour, that Britain declared war on Germany. In Folkestone, where earlier in the day, Prince Harry had unveiled a fourteen metre high arch on the town's clifftop to mark the anniversary, thousands gathered to pay their respects. For so many fighting men, Folkestone was their last glimpse of home as they departed to fight for King and country. At last night's ceremony, Kevin Harrison.

Prince Harry and Deference Secretary at WW1 memorial arch


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