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Folkestone hotel evacuated following basement fire

The Grand Hotel in Folkestone is returning to normal after a fire that started last night.

The blaze started in the electrical room in the basement. Three fire engines attended and around fifty people were evacuated. Two were treated for smoke inhalation.

ITV Meridian spoke to General Manager of the hotel, Robert Richardson.

Battle of Britain visitor centre taking shape

Steels being erected for a 'wing' at the new visitor centre Credit: Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

A milestone in the construction of a new visitor centre at the Battle of Britain memorial near Folkestone is about to be reached.

The 3.5 million pound visitor centre at Capel le Ferne will honour pilots from the famous battle fought in the skies over Kent.

The new building replicates the shape of a spitfire wing Credit: Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

Now a steel framework that will recreate the shape of R J Mitchell’s iconic Spitfire wing – including its distinctive upward slope - is being put in place to create a spectacular building with a first floor balcony area offering views across The Channel.

The building should be finished towards the end of this summer, and visitors to the annual Memorial Day on Sunday 6 July will have The Wing as a dramatic new backdrop.


Celebrations mark 20 years of the Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel has been open for 20 years Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Channel Tunnel is celebrating its 20th anniversary today.

Exactly 20 years ago the Queen became one of the first passengers to cross from Kent to France by train through the 23.5 mile tunnel.

Shuttles transport cars, coaches and lorries between England and France along twin railway tunnels. Eurostar also uses the Channel Tunnel to run high speed rail services from London to Paris and Brussels.

Since opening more than 330 million passengers have used the tunnel, with more than 65 million vehicles, 20 million of those being trucks.

Lonely pig needs someone to love it

She's a bit fat, lives alone in a field and is relying on donations of food from kindly neighbours. Porrick the pig was abandoned when her owner took all his other porkers away except for her. She needs a new home - but who would be willing to take on the friendly pot-bellied beast?

David Johns has been to meet her, speaking to the man who built her shelter, Lance Cruse.


Romanian lorry driver arrested for stowaways

The Romanian driver of the lorry has been arrested by the French border police who will investigate.

Dave Hutchinson, Border Force Deputy Director for South East & Europe, said: “The dangers of using refrigerated lorries and sealed tankers in this way are self evident. The consequences are potentially fatal."

In 2000, 58 Chinese immigrants died after being sealed into the back of a lorry which was stopped at Dover.

The lorry was stopped by Border Force officers in France Credit: Border Force

Stowaways all thought to be Albanian nationals

48 stowaways were found in the back of a lorry in France Credit: Border Force

The stowaways, 41 male and seven female, are all said to be in good health. They were handed over to the French authorities. Three of the group were believed to be minors.

The lorry was empty apart from the stowaways, all though to be Albanian nationals. It was scheduled to drive to a location in Dover to pick up a load for delivery to France.

It had no external lock or seal when it was checked by Border Force officers. The refrigeration unit was not turned on.

Staff Go Down The Slippery Slope

We often hear the phrase 'all work and no play' but one manage thought that if he could combine the two, he might get better results from his team. So to keep spirits up he created something you'd normally see in a playground.

But has it achieved the desired results - or are his workers on a slippery slope to disaster? David Johns has been finding out, speaking to Building Manager James Avery, two employees, and Sales Manager Russell Bailey.

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