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How will farm floods affect our weekly shop?

Last year's record rainfall destroyed millions of pounds worth of crops on our farms. There are fears that this year's harvests could also be severely reduced, triggering food price rises.

The Met Office says we could be facing ten years of increasing rainfall. Fred spoke to Richard Dodd from the British Retail Consortium earlier - and asked him how all this will affect our weekly shop.

  1. John Ryall

Food price alert after rains

There are warnings that we will all have to pay a little more for our food at supermarkets over the coming year because of last year's heavy rainfall.

The bad weather had a severe impact on farming with the rain destroying millions of pounds of crops in the South-east alone, leaving behind fears that this year's _harvests could be largely reduced, triggering shortages of some foods.

Farmers are being warned that they need to develop new growing methods - or face the problems, financial and otherwise that could follow more bad weather. John Ryall reports.