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Charity and bakery lead charge to tackle £13billion 'food waste mountain'

An incredible £13 billion of edible food is being thrown away every year.

That's the staggering claim experts made after it was revealed our efforts to tackle food waste have stalled.

But a number of projects in Brighton are hoping to buck that trend. Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Beth Parry of Fare Share, and Kitty Newbury from the Angel Food Bakery.

Food-sharing app aims to cut waste

It's a shocking fact - particularly when so many people are going hungry - that around a third of the food we produce worldwide, ends up in the bin.

But now a woman from Wiltshire is using Smartphone technology to try to cut the amount we waste.

She's launched a food-sharing app, so that unwanted produce can go to those who need it.

Rachel Hepworth has the details.


Bakery uses App to help solve food waste crisis

A new App has been launched in Brighton this weekend to help families and businesses cut down on their food waste.

Billions of pounds of edible food are thrown away in the UK every year. One of the first to use the App is a cake shop.

Andy Dickenson speaks to Claire Tymoshyshya of Angel Food Bakery and Saasha Celestial-One, co-founder of Olio.

Tackling food waste and hunger

Two organisations in Southampton are trying to tackle food waste and hunger. A new law in France will see supermarkets donate their surplus food to charity.

Surplus food will be re-distributed to those in need Credit: ITV Meridian

Now, Hampshire based, Scratch - via its Crumbs project - and Fareshare is working with the food and drink industry to redistribute surplus food to those in need.

Tackling food waste in Oxfordshire head on

A new campaign is being launched today to crack down on the thousands of pounds worth of food wasted in Oxfordshire every year.

"Too Good To Waste" which has been organised by the County Council, will see "Take Me Home" boxes given to 100 restaurants to offer to diners, so they can go home with the food they can't eat.

Research has shown that people don't ask to take the food they are enjoying home because they are embarrassed.

The campaign aims to make it socially acceptable as well as a positive experience for diners.

County Councillor David Nimmo Smith said, "Food waste is a serious problem. For every meal eaten in a UK restaurant, almost half a kilo of food is wasted.

"Too Good To Waste" in Oxfordshire will tackle plate waste head on. We're aiming to make it as natural here in the UK as it is to take food home in countries like the USA."

"Too Good To Waste" has been organised by the county council to help stop food waste Credit: ITV Meridian

Festive food - what a waste

I'm sure most of us managed to eat drink and be merry over the last fortnight, and have probably got the credit card bill to prove it. But as the holiday period comes to an end, how much of our festive feast has been thrown away?

It's estimated the average household wastes food costing £40 every month - that's nearly £500 a year. Martin Dowse has been investigating what can be done about it, when so many people are struggling to make ends meet.