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National Trust considers ban on trail hunting

Campaigners will be gathering in Swindon this weekend to urge the National Trust, with headquarters in the town, to ban trail hunting on its land.

The demonstration is taking place ahead of the trust's Annual General Meeting at the Steam Museum.

Fox-hunting vote postponed as SNP say they'll vote against changes

Fox-hunting vote postponed after SNP say they'll join in vote Credit: PA

A vote to relax the fox-hunting ban in England and Wales has been postponed. It had been due to take place in the Commons tomorrow - but was delayed when Scottish MPs threatened to defeat the proposal which would allow an unlimited number of dogs to flush out a fox to be shot.

The plans had provoked fury among anti-hunt protesters - and reopened the debate into fox hunting, which was banned ten years ago.

Abigail Bracken has been looking at the arguments.


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Boxing Day Hunt rides from Lewes

Ten years ago, the Hunting Act made it illegal to hunt foxes with hounds across England and Wales. Many said the Act would destroy a countryside way of life. But from the turnout at Boxing Day trail hunts across the South East, it seems the tradition is far from dead.

David Johns reports, speaking to spectators, hunt protestor Marina Pepper and Jonathan, a huntsman.

Judge: Some see hunting as cruel, others see it as tradition

Judge: "Some people see hunting foxes as cruel and immoral. Others see hunting as an essentialand traditional part of countryside management and they say that criminalising the activity is inappropriate.

"As everyone is aware, in political circles the Hunting Act continues to be considered and thiscoalition Government has indicated the possibility of a free vote in Parliament at some point in the future."


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