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Fox cub found with head stuck in peanut butter jar

Peanut is recovering well Credit: Creatures in Crisis

A fox cub, thought to be around six weeks old, was "near to death" when it was found at Salisbury Crematorium.

The female cub, nicknamed Peanut, had got her head stuck in the plastic peanut-butter jar and had to be cut free,

Broken peanut butter jar Credit: Creatures in Crisis

Kevin Drew from Creatures in Crisis said they had received a call about an animal banging its head on a gravestone. They responded within 15 minutes and managed to save the cub's life.

Mr Drew said: "She is now doing well at our centre and will be released when she is old enough."

Fox cub released after plastic pot cut from its head

A fox cub that was found running around with a plastic pot stuck on its head has been released back into the wild by its rescuers after the object was cut free from its face.

Volunteers from the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) took care of the cub after it was spotted in Eastbourne on Wednesday 27th May. People living near its home kept a watch to make sure the cub's family were still in the area when it was time for the fox to be released. The cub was set free after a few days of treatment and care.

WRAS is calling on the public to make sure they pick up their rubbish and take it home rather than leaving the litter somewhere where wildlife could become caught or entangled in it.

"This is one of the key reason for doing wildlife rescue work, to see a recovered animal return back to where it belongs. Brilliant to see and so worth all our hard work"

– Trevor Weeks MBE, WRAS


Daft as a brush: the fox who turned out to be not so wily

Wily fox in wheely trap Credit: RSPCA

They're known for their cunning, but this fox was left feeling less sly than usual after getting its head wedged inside the wheel off a parked car.

The animal was trapped for more than 45 minutes in Grays, Essex, after his mishap with a Volkswagen and had to wait patiently for the RSPCA to arrive.

When they were unable to set him free, the fire brigade was summoned.

Firefighters jacked up the car, removed the wheel and then set the animal free. He is now recuperating in South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

Wily fox in wheely trap Credit: RSPCA