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  1. Tom Savvides

Shamed: the family who stole a friend's life savings and splashed out on holidays and cars

A family from Kent who stole an elderly friend's life savings have been ordered to pay back twenty five thousand pounds.

Pensioner Margaret Rigby, her daughter and son-in-law from Betteshangar, were found guilty of stealing more than £100 000 from Barbara Lewis.

They then spent it on holidays, cars and meals out.

Barbara's son told our reporter Tom Savvides, that they valued pounds and pence more than friendship


Telephone fraudsters steal massive amounts of cash in Dorset

Victims are persuaded to type in their personal details Credit: ITV

Police in Dorset are urging the public to be aware of a large number of telephone scams - residents in the county have lost over £1 million.

The force is calling on residents to heighten their vigilance to potential fraud threats.

The message ‘Hang Up On Fraudsters’ is being spread throughout Dorset and the South West in response to a spate of offences since November 2014. A range of resources, including posters and fliers, have been utilised in Dorset to warn the public. Local businesses, including post offices, hospitals and GP surgeries have also been displaying the advice. Social media platforms have been positively targeted with the hash tag #HangUpOnFraudsters and local radio stations have helped to spread awareness.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Weymouth, Poole and Purbeck have attended supermarkets and community events to offer crime prevention advice to the public.

The campaign has had positive results, with many members of the public coming forward with information and refusing to hand over money. However, officers are still concerned as the offences continue in certain areas.

Residents in Poole, Dorchester and Weymouth have been targeted by the offenders, who call the victims and tell them that their bank accounts have been compromised in some way. The callers have a variety of sophisticated methods, including pretending to be police officers or banking advisors, to convince victims that they are legitimate. On many occasions they have persuaded them to transfer or hand over large sums of cash.

– Dorset Police

Superintendent in court for fraud offences

Andrew Carr is a Superintendent for Wiltshire Police Credit: ITV News

A Wiltshire Police Superintendent from Swindon appeared at Bournemouth Magistrates Court today charged with a number of counts of fraud, forgery and false accounting.

The charges relate to a treasurer role Andrew Carr undertook for a School Governing Body and Scout organisation.

The 47-year-old is currently suspended from the Force.

This matter was voluntarily referred to the IPCC in October 2015. An independent investigation was undertaken by Dorset Police.

Andrew Carr is next due to appear at Bournemouth Crown Court on 26 May 2016 charged with 11 counts of fraud, forgery and false accounting.

Rise in numbers falling for cold-caller fraud

Trading Standards are warning people about cold callers Credit: ITV News Meridian

There's been a huge rise in the number of people falling victim to cold callers in Oxfordshire.

More than 80 people reported incidents in February and March - three times as many as last year. Trading Standards are warning people to be wary of callers offering home improvements that turn out to be sub-standard.


City trader wins cut in sentence, but there are strong words from judge

Tom Hayes won a three-year cut in his sentence Credit: PA

A City trader from Fleet in Hampshire, who became the first man to be jailed for rigging Libor rates, has won a three-year cut in his 14-year jail sentence.

But the Court of Appeal rejected 35-year-old Tom Hayes's appeal against his conviction at Southwark Crown Court in August.

This court must make clear to all in the financial and other markets in the City of London that conduct of this type, involving fraudulent manipulation of the markets, will result in severe sentences of considerable length which, depending on the circumstances, may be significantly greater than the present total sentence.

– Lord Chief Justice Thomas

Sex offenders pose as agents to exploit young girls online

There's a warning that sex offenders are posing as modelling agents to convince young girls online that they could have a career in front of the camera.

Police say they've received various reports this year of girls being contacted and asked for explicit pictures or videos. Officers are now working with the National Crime Agency to track down those behind the scam, as Michael Billington has been finding out.

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