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Fred Dinenage gets very wet on Bank Holiday Monday - and not just because of the rain

The awareness raising initiative also known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the USA - ALS standing for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The challenge dares those nominated to be filmed having cold water poured over them - they make a donation to help research - and they then challenge others to face a similar fate.

They then have twenty-four hours to comply or must, as a forfeit, make a donation to charitable organisation. Fred has nominated his co-presenter Sangeeta Bhabra and another colleague, Robin Britton, Head of News at ITV Meridian. He also nominated his friend and BBC South presenter, Sally Taylor.

For more information on the Motor Neurone Association and their fund raising objectives please go to the link here

Video shows Gosport MP scale Spinnaker for charity

A Gosport MP has abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth to raise money for the MS Society.

MP Caroline Dinenage also took on the Tower with her husband MP Mark Lancaster on Saturday 24th May.

Caroline abseiled to raise money for her local constituencies in Gosport and the MS Society- a week after her dad abseiled the tower with 100-year-old Doris.


They did it! Fred and Doris back down to earth

Still smiling- Fred and Doris wave to the crowds

What a day to remember! Doris Long celebrated her 100th birthday by abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower, along with her personal assistant Fred Dinenage.

She's now a world record holder.

You can see the full drama on Meridian Tonight at 6.20pm, but here's a flavour of how it all unfolded.

BEFORE: Doris is unfazed, Fred tries to put on a brave face
The first bit's the worst- Fred goes over the edge
Look no hands! Doris shows off
On her way- Doris takes it all in her stride
Relief- back on firm soil
Many Happy Returns- 100 years young

One hour to go before Fred's Spinnaker ordeal...

Fred's still smiling- so far.....

There's just an hour to go before our very own Fred Dinenage joins birthday girl Doris Long to abseil down Portsmouth's Spinnaker tower.

He's currently having his headcam fitted and psyching himself up for the 500ft challenge.

Doris, who's 100 today, is taking it all in her stride.

It's a long way up- and down...

Fred Dinenage joins World's Oldest Abseiler for challenge at Spinnaker Tower

100 year-old Doris Long will abseil down Spinnaker Tower with Fred Dineage Credit: ITV NEWS

ITV News Meridian presenter, Fred Dinenage is preparing to join 100 year-old Doris Long for an abseil down Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth today.

Doris and Fred are preparing to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower Credit: ITV NEWS

Doris is the World Oldest Abseiler but also a great, great-grandmother. She was born in 1914 just before the outbreak of World War 1. Her abseil is raising money for The Rowans Hospice which has helped more than 7,000 patients and their families across Portsmouth and south Hampshire.

The challenge takes place at 1pm at the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

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