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Kitten rescued after 2,000 mile journey from Turkey

Yonda, the stowaway kitten Credit: Cats Protection

A six week old kitten has survived a 2,000 mile journey as a stowaway in a freight lorry from Turkey to Dartford in Kent.

The cat was rescued by Cats Protection when it arrived in the UK after nine days in the back of a delivery trailer without food or water.

It had travelled from Ankara via Istanbul.

The cat, named ‘Yonda’ by Cats Protection, was discovered after staff at freight and logistics company Davies Turner unloaded the trailer at their depot in Dartford.

In the cargo they found two kittens. The other one was very ill and died that night.

The other kitten, Yonda, was sent to the Animal Inn near Deal for six-month quarantine.

The charity are now looking to rehome her.

Heather McCann, of Cats Protection, said, “Yonda has had quite a journey! She was apparently very timid and frightened at first but she is now doing well. We can only imagine she jumped into the trailer to find somewhere warm to sleep – I’m sure she never expected to wake up in England!