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He collects deadly plants - venus flytraps & cobra lilies

Man has been collecting carniverous plants for four years

Tomorrow is of course the night for ghouls and ghosts and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night. And you can be sure there'll be pumpkins a-plenty.

But perhaps the best plants for celebrating all hallows eve night should be a venus flytrap, a cobra lily or a sarracenia. These are species that really know how to put jitters up you.

Our correspondent Martin Dowse went to see, James Ellis from Dorset - a man with a fatal attraction to deadly plants - carnivorous ones.


Going for Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show

It's the highlight of the horticultural calendar - the world renowned Chelsea Flower Show. Despite the soggy start many exhibitors from the south are there all hoping for gold medals.

It doesn't open to the public until tomorrow - but our very own, David Wood, got to walk amongst the blooms today for a special preview.

Not everything in THIS garden is rosy...

Hastings Council issued several warnings about the state of the garden Credit: Hastings Council

A garden, strewn with rubbish, has been targeted by the 'Grotbuster' scheme at Hastings in Sussex.

Mr Michael Smith of Elphinstone Road, Hastings was served with the notice under new scheme.

Cllr Peter Chowney the council’s lead member for regeneration and planning said: " The section 215 notice gives councils the power to deal with untidy land and dilapidated buildings, by getting owners to improve them. If they don't, they get a fine, but still have to do the work as well.

“The notice was served on Mr Smith by the council’s planning enforcement team on 19 May 2014 and despite several warnings he failed to improve the condition of his front garden. “We take issues of this nature very seriously indeed and will prosecute if residents ignore warnings.” Smith pleaded guilty at court and was fined £150 with £150 costs and a £25 victim surcharge.

Eyesore turned into a community garden by residents

The land at the back of their council flats was an eyesore. Overgrown, attracting fly tippers and vandals. Today, it is a community garden where children play and families grow vegetables.

The transformation was the idea of one resident with a love of gardening who persuaded the council to provide practical and financial help. It has been so successful that people in other parts of Southampton have been inspired to tackle their own derelict areas.

Kerry Swain has been following their project since the beginning and has this special report.

Gardeners join waiting lists for allotments

Now it could be a sign of tough financial times, or perhaps people pursuing a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Whatever the reason, thousands of grow-your-own gardeners are queuing up to join the waiting list for an allotment.

Our reporter David Wood has been mixing with the green-fingered fraternity on their plots at Marlow, in the Thames Valley, to find out more about a growing hobby.


Statue to Paris cab drivers to be unveiled

The statue of St Fiacre, the patron saint of gardening, will be unveiled next month Credit: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

A small stone statue of St Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners and Paris cab-drivers, will be unveiled in Portsmouth next month. The statue will be revealed at a ceremony in the Porter's Garden at the city's Historic Dockyard on February 6.

St Fiacre is believed to have been born in Ireland in the late 6th century, later sailing to France in search of closer solitude for his devotions, where he made himself a cell with a garden, and established a chapel and hospice for travellers.

The cab connection originates from the naming of French cabs as Fiacres, so called because the first establishment to let coaches on hire in the mid-17th century was in the Rue Saint-Martin, near the Hotel Saint-Fiacre in Paris.

Allotment holders in Brighton face eviction

Allotment holders claim they're being threatened with eviction - even though their plots are well-maintained, they say.

Gardeners in Brighton and Hove claim they're being inundated with notices from the council to either clean up or clear off.

But the council says with over two thousand people waiting for a plot - they have to be tough to be fair. Charlotte Wilkins reports.

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