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Ferring gas leak latest- A259 reopens

Emergency services have been on site for 24 hours Credit: ITV Meridian

UPDATE: The A259 has reopened in both directions following a major gas leak which closed the road for 24 hours.


Heavy rain cuts gas supply to hundreds of homes

Heavy rain led to hundreds of homes having their gas supply cut off - after more than 2,000 litres of water got into the network at Leigh near Tonbridge.

Engineers from Gas supply company SGN have been reconnecting homes house-by-house - as well as the primary school on the green which had its supply reconnected this morning. SGN staff distrubuted heaters and hotplates to the affected homes.


Family who escaped from gas explosion tell their story

The family who miraculously escaped a gas explosion that destroyed their home, and everything in it, have told ITV Meridian they can't wait to get back home - NEXT Christmas.

One minute, Jay Sabanal and his daughter Bella were asleep in their home in Southampton - the next, they were buried under rubble.

Yet, despite the trauma of that terrible morning, the family say the property - in Howards Grove in Shirley - IS still their home and when it's re-built they want to move back. They've been speaking to our reporter Andrew Pate.

Hampshire's fire service also received calls about strong gas smell

The control room of Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service has reported receiving more than twenty calls today about a strong smell of gas in the air.

In a statement they said: 'The unpleasant odour is understood to emanate from a leak in a factory in Rouen in northern France.

'The Health Protection Agency has stressed the gas is non-toxic and presents no threat to the public. The chemical released - mercaptan - is an organic compound added to natural gas, lubricants and paints. The smell is caused by the sulphur in the gas but it is completely harmless.'

The initial alert to the Hampshire control room came from their counterparts in West Sussex. The calls from the public came from as far apart as far north in Hampshire as Basingstoke and Andover, and as far west as Ringwood.

"Our control room has dealt with a number of calls reporting the unpleasant gas smell.

"We want to reassure the public that the gas presents no threat to health and is completely harmless.

"We would also like to remind the public that if they suspect they are dealing with a genuine gas emergency in their home or building, they should call the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111999."

– Group Manager Tony Deacon, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service
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