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Man reaches Gatwick lounge without a ticket

A Turkish man sparked a security scare at Gatwick Airport today after passing through customs without a ticket.The man managed to reach the departure lounge at around 8.20am before he was stopped by staff.

Shocked passengers were said to have left the airport after hearing what had happened.

Earlier this morning a gentleman accompanying his family through the airport was incorrectly allowed access to the departure lounge without having a boarding pass. The incident is being investigated but all individuals correctly passed through the series of full security search and screen processes."

– Spokesman for Gatwick Airport


PCSO in court accused of stealing thousands from passengers at Gatwick

A community policewoman has gone on trial accused of using her position to steal thousands of pounds from passengers while on duty at Gatwick Airport.

It's claimed that Community Support Officer Alexis Scott, who's 39, told travellers that she would have to take money from them, because they were attempting to take too much cash out of the country.

She denies any wrong doing. John Ryall has been following the case and sends this.

MP raises concern about new flight paths from Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport Credit: ITV news

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert has raised concerns about aircraft noise over Downland villages resulting from a trial flight path from Gatwick. The MP has received numerous complaints from residents who say that it results in lower flying aircraft and noise over their villages.

The flight path trials are part of a consultation about London airspace by the Civil Aviation Authority.

In a reply Stuart Wingate, Chief Executive of Gatwick Airport, said that the trial would run until 17 August, after which the flight paths would revert to their previous route and he apologised for any disturbances caused during the trial.

Security alert at the region's airports after USA warning

by Mike Pearse

There's a security clampdown at airports tonight - after a new terror alert, issued by the Government of the United States of America. There are fears that al-Qaeda groups are targetting the aviation industry once again.

The alert came on the day new low-cost routes were introduced from Gatwick - to the United States. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.

Airline to fly to LA and New York for as little as £150

The first new low cost airline for 40 years to fly from the the UK to the United States is taking off today from Gatwick.

Norwegian will fly the new Dreamliner to New York, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles from as little as £150.

But unions claim the airline want to use cheap labour from South Asia and have concerns over safety, which the airline deny.


Passengers face long delays to claim their luggage at Gatwick


Arriving bags are taking longer that usual to reach passengers. We apologise for the wait. We are working with @swissportuk to ease delays


@gatwick_airport @swissportuk Soaking wet cases & 3h delays - worst of all, staff are hiding! No one taking responsibility at the terminal


Been waiting over an hour at @gatwick_airport baggage reclaim and still haven't even been told the conveyor belt number >:o

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