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Passenger jets have near miss over Gatwick

Stock photo: an airbus takes off from an airport Credit: PA images

A passenger jet taking off from Gatwick Airport was involved in a near miss with another aircraft, according to an official investigation.

The UK Airprox Board said the incident on 25th April involved two Airbuses. They say the miss was caused by the air traffic controller not scanning his radar properly, but that emergency systems would have prevented a crash.

Counting the true cost of "meet & greet" parking

Trading Standards in Sussex say they have now received more than fifty complaints about damage to cars at off-site car parks around Gatwick Airport.

Last month, ITV Meridian highlighted one case in which more than a thousand cars were left unattended in a muddy field.

We've since heard of drivers whose cars have been returned with major bodywork damage and empty fuel tanks.

Malcolm Shaw has been back to Gatwick to investigate.



Independent Review tells Gatwick to 'quieten down'

An Independent Review has ordered that Gatwick Airport make dramatic steps to improve the lives of families living under the flightpath in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

The review was commissioned by Gatwick Airport Chairman Sir Roy McNulty and follows a four month consultation to see if more could be done to lessen the impact of noise on local residents.

Gatwick Airport Credit: ITV Meridian

The review - focussing on airport arrivals - said:

  • Flight paths must be changed daily - so areas get 'noise breaks'
  • Planes MUST fly higher
  • The number of Flights circling in a holding pattern must be reduced
  • planes MUST be fitted with noise reducing technology
Gatwick Airport Credit: ITV Meridian

The review has proposed a time frame for the introduction of its recommendations and says many could be operational within 12 months.

It also suggests modifications for the Airbus A320 family to reduce the noise it produces during its approach phrase and there'll be a noise management board to oversee the issues of noise around the airport.

Gatwick Airport Chairman Sir Roy McNulty Credit: ITV Meridian

"As an airport we recognise our responsibility to do everything we can to reduce the noise impact on local people - in particular, those people who are most affected.

That is why we commissioned an independent review last summer looking at aircraft arrivals to see what more can be done. While the number of people significantly affected by noise at Gatwick is relatively low for an airport of its size, we want to improve further.

This report sets out 23 practical steps - from holding planes longer over the sea, to improved use of continuous descent approaches and increased dispersal of arrivals. There is no silver bullet that will ever eliminate the problem of aircraft noise but taken together I believe that these measures can make a real difference.

Airports have to demonstrate that impacts on their local communities have been fully taken into account, and we have been encouraged by and benefitted from the constructive engagement of local groups in this review."

– Gatwick Airport Chairman Sir Roy McNulty
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