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EU Referendum result could delay runway decision

EU referendum result could delay runway decision Credit: ITV News Meridian

There's a warning the Brexit vote could delay a decision on expansion at Gatwick Airport. Campaigners say the Prime Minister's resignation may well stall plans to make an announcement early next month.

It was previously suggested that ministers could announce a decision on whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick before the summer Parliamentary break at the end of July.

But David Cameron's announcement that he will step down by October following the Brexit vote could mean a further delay in the process.

Huge improvement scheme opens at Gatwick

Gatwick has opened its biggest ever improvement scheme. Around £186 million has been spent on its Pier 1 development that provides new bigger departure gates and a complete new baggage system for the South terminal.

The airport say it should cut delays and comes as new figures reveal a 5.8 per cent rise in passengers last month, and an all time record for an airport for a single runway. Gatwck saw over 41 million people come through the airport on the last year.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.


Gatwick makes promise over second runway noise

Gatwick wants permission for a second runway Credit: ITV

Gatwick Airport has promised to limit how many residents are affected by aircraft noise - if it's granted permission for a second runway.

It says no more than 15,000 people would be subject to 57 decibels - the level the Government believes "significant annoyance begins".

Ministers are yet to decide if a new runway will be built at Gatwick or Heathrow.

Gatwick expansion 'would deliver economic benefits'

Gatwick Airport says expansion there is the only way forward Credit: ITV

Gatwick Airport has responded to the Transport Committee Third Report 2015-16: Airport expansion in the South East.

The Transport Committee’s astonishing statement that the arguments ‘for and against airport expansion have changed little in a quarter of a century’ ignores the significant change within the aviation industry following the break-up of the BAA monopoly in 2009 - and the worsening of air quality in the UK which has repeatedly halted Heathrow’s plans in the past.

In one key respect, however, the committee is right to say that nothing has changed - Heathrow is still undeliverable. Fortunately, there is now a credible alternative at Gatwick that can mean Britain finally gets on with it.

The opportunity to end decades of delay and false starts can only be achieved by giving the green light for Gatwick expansion. Gatwick is the only scheme which can actually deliver the economic benefits airport expansion would bring without the dramatic and unacceptable impacts on noise and air quality.

– Gatwick Airport


Not guilty - man who caused Gatwick security scare

It was a security scare that put Gatwick into 'lockdown' - and cost the airport £1.2m in lost business.

A Frenchman was seen dumping an air rifle in a bin in the departure hall - just hours after 130 people were killed in the Paris terror attacks.

But Jerome Chauris walked free from court, as a jury accepted his defence that his poor English meant he was confused by the signs at Gatwick.

Malcolm Shaw reports.

Three arrested over helicopter drug smuggling attempt

Three people have been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to smuggle millions of pounds worth of cocaine and heroin into the UK by helicopter.

The arrests follow a joint operation involving the National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Service which saw MPS officers seize around 40 kilos of cocaine and 60 kilos of heroin from a car on the M26 in Kent yesterday.

A 38-year-old man from the North Kensington area of London was arrested. A short time later NCA officers moved in to arrest two Dutch nationals aged 26 and 27 at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey.

The pair had flown in to Redhill in a helicopter from Belgium earlier in the day.

All three are now being questioned by investigators items seized during the operation are being examined. The helicopter has also been impounded.

Redhill helicopter Credit: National Crime Agency

"This international operation has successfully prevented a large quantity of class A drugs making it onto the streets of the UK. If cut and sold it is likely this haul would have had a potential street value in excess of £10 million.

“Working with partners like the MPS we are determined to do all we can to disrupt the organised crime networks involved in drug trafficking.”

– Gary Fennelly, head of NCA’s Gatwick border investigation team

Stunning success of long-haul flights

'Low cost flights to long-haul destinations would never work'. That was the claim when they recently started operating at Gatwick for the first time in 40 years.

But now we can reveal not only have half a million passengers used the new budget services - many more are on the way.

So why is it working, can it last and how much can you save?

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse has this exclusive report

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