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  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Farm e-coli update

Four years ago, twins Aaron and Todd Furnell from Kent were left fighting for their lives after contracting Ecoli at a petting farm in Surrey. Now the High Court has ruled that Godstone Park Farm is SOLELY liable for the outbreak.

It had argued that the local council and the Health Protection Agency should bear some of the compensation costs. David Johns has a recap of the story, including a clip from the twins' mother, Tracey Mock in 2009.


Statement from Godstone Farm

Insurers for a farm in Surrey that was the centre of an E.coli outbreak in 2009 have released a statement after a High Court ruling they were solely responsibly for individual claims arising from the incident.

In it, they said: "The Farm's insurers admitted liability in 2011 and are dealing with the individual claims arising out of the 2009 E.coli outbreak."

The Farm did seek a contribution from the HPA and Tandridge District Council to these claims but Mr Justice Turner ruled in the High Court last week that as a pure matter of law, no duty of care was owed by those public authorities to members of the public in these circumstances.The Griffin Inquiry reported in June 2010 on the outbreak and the Farm cooperated fully with the authorities into that investigation. Godstone Farm's focus has always been that a visit to the farm should be an educational experience and also a safe and memorable one for allchildren."

– Statement from insurers DAC Beachcroft