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Uncanny walking gorilla celebrates birthday

A Kent wildlife park is celebrating the birthday of one of their most famous animal residents.

Ambam the gorilla went viral in 2011, when a video of him walking upright like a human was shared worldwide.

Port Lympne Wildlife Park are holding a special party for the western lowland gorilla by giving him a very special birthday cake and celebrations at the park.

The gorilla developed his unusual skill of walking on two legs when he was hand-raised after being separated from his mother.

Endangered gorillas arrive in Kent

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park is delighted to welcome the arrival of a new family of critically endangered western lowland gorillas.

The family of eight arrived on Wednesday from sister-park Howletts Wild Animal Park, near Canterbury.

Kouillou arrives at Port Lympne with his family Credit: Dave Rolfe

This is Port Lympne’s second significant gorilla move this year and keepers are pleased by how successfully it went. Each of the gorillas were anaesthetized and checked by vets, before being safely transported in individual crates to their new home.

Kouillou arrives at Port Lympne with his family Credit: Dave Rolfe

The new group is headed-up by Kouillou, a charismatic silverback who was orphaned in the rainforests of Africa in the early 1980s. He was captured by hunters and sold in the Republic of Congo to a dealer, before he was fortunately rescued and homed at Howletts, where he has thrived since.