Paula O'Shea and Dave Carroll exchange their vows

Hospice helps mum get married

A hospice in West Kent has arranged a wedding for a mum of six who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour two days before.

Ethan Owers - the kickboxing prodigy

Kickboxer gets blackbelt at 7

He calls himself the 'Ginger Ninja' and at just seven-years-old Ethan Owers is certainly one to watch after becoming a blackbelt.

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Toddlers lucky escape after car crash

Kent, Gravesend
A buggy was crushed against a wall in Gravesend

A toddler miraculously escaped unharmed after a pushchair was crushed against a wall by a car.

The incident happened at 7.38am in Darnley Street, Gravesend when two cars collided. One of the vehicles is believed to have mounted the pavement and struck the buggy.

Police said that three people were taken to hospital as a precaution but that none of the injuries were serious.

Do you know the victims? Please call our newsdesk on 084488 12006.

Kent, Gravesend
A buggy was crushed against a wall in Gravesend

VIDEO: Cost of school uniforms 'unfair on the parents'

A shopkeeper in Gravesend has put up a banner outside his clothing shop criticising schools about their choice of uniform suppliers.

Dilip Ahluwalia isn't an official supplier of uniforms, but he's selling them despite some local schools objecting.

He claims parents aren't getting value for money. Schools say the suppliers they use are providing quality goods at a fair price.


Cold war bunker out of cold storage

by David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

A cold-war nuclear bunker, buried beneath a park in Gravesend, has been given Listed Building status by English Heritage. The Civil Defence Bunker would have been used as a communications centre in the event of a Soviet attack, and was fully functional between 1954 and 1968.

David Johns has been to see it, and speaks to volunteer Naj Lehl, Melanie Norris from Gravesham Borough Council, and volunteer Sam Willoughby.

Bunker wouldn't have survived a nuclear attack

The bunker can't be seen from above ground Credit: English Heritage/Picasa
Inside the bunker and how it would have looked when it was in use Credit: English Heritage/Picasa

A bunker that has been given listed status by English Heritage would not have survived a nuclear attack.

The bunker would have been used between 1954 and 1968 in the case of a Soviet air attack.

The building would have handled information and coordinated the response to a nuclear attack.

Cold was bunker recognised by English Heritage

A bunker in Kent has been given listed status by English Heritage today.

The bunker is a rare example of a purpose built civil defence centre, which would have been used in the case of a Soviet air attack.

The building would have been staffed by around 35 people and was in use between 1954 and 1968.

It has now been restored and is open to the public.

Kent Police tackle anti-social behaviour

Part of the dispersal area the police will operate within Credit: Kent Police

Kent Police have been given more powers to deal with anti-social behaviour near the clock tower in Gravesend.

A Dispersal Area will operate for a three month period from 1st October.

All roads and public spaces near the clock tower to the east of the town will come under the Dispersal Area.

Young people under 16 not accompanied by a responsible adult between 9pm and 6am should be taken back to their home.

Failure to comply could lead to a fine of up top £2,500 and/or three months imprisonment.

Chris Carter, Inspector of Gravesham’s Community Safety Unit, said: ‘Kent Police has received a number of calls from members of the public and businesses in this area concerned about anti-social behaviour, noise and litter left by groups that tend to congregate near the clock tower.


Sixty firefighters tackle major blaze near gas container

by John Ryall

More than sixty firefighters have spent the afternoon tackling a blaze at a caravan site at Gravesend in Kent. A number of homes were evacuated, while other residents in the area were told to stay indoors and keep their windows shut.

As John Ryall reports, plumes of smoke could be seen for miles. The interviewee in his report is Chris Colgan from Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

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