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15-year-old among dozens arrested for drink-driving

A 15-year-old boy from Kent is among 32 people who have been arrested for drink-driving offences as police crack down over the Christmas period.

Police say 20 have already been charged Credit: Press Association

The teenager, from Greenhithe, was detained at 4.10am on December 7 as part of a national campaign by police forces throughout December highlighting the dangers of drink-driving and targeting those suspected of breaking the law.

He has been charged with theft, driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving without insurance and driving without a licence. He has been bailed to appear at Chatham Youth Court on January 6, Kent Police said.

The boy is one of 20 people to have already been charged and handed a court date, a force spokesman said.

Kent Police said they arrested 29 men and three women for alcohol-related driving offences.


Colin Ash-Smith's mother visited incident room, jury told

The jury heard how Colin Ash-Smith's mother Diane Ash-Smith was invited to visit the incident room because she was a local councillor.

Fellow councillors on the visit noticed that she was "probing more deeply" than her colleagues, said the prosecutor.

The focus of her interest, he told the jury, lay in how the police might identify or eliminate vehicles using their computer system.

Colin Ash-Smith's alibi was "false" say prosecution

The morning after Claire Tiltman's murder Colin Ash-Smith phoned the incident room. He told police that at "about 6.30pm" he was driving when he saw a male on the pedestrian crossing close to the murder scene.

Six days later, in a witness statement, he changed the time to "5.45pm".

"This covered the time of the killing, which 6.30pm could not," said Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting.

In the statement he also - for the first time - said his mother was in the car with him.

"And critically," Mr Altman told the jury, "he said he was home by 6pm, providing him with an alibi for the time of the killing, which we say is false."

Man goes on trial accused of murdering a teenager in Kent 21 years ago

A jury in the trial of a former milkman - accused of murdering a teenager 21 years ago - has heard how he brutally attacked two other women. Claire Tiltman was stabbed multiple times in an alleyway near her home in Greenhithe in 1993 - she had just turned 16 years old. Colin Ash Smith has always denied murdering Claire, but the prosecution allege the 45 year old confessed to the crime to an inmate while in prison. From London John Ryall reports.


Prosecution say Colin Ash-Smith used a false alibi

"The defendant has over the years maintained his innocence of this murder, and he claimed, and continues to claim, that he has an alibi. We suggest that this is a false alibi not given innocently because he fears that he would not otherwise be believed but because he is guilty of this murder and he knows it. We will see that in both of the other attacks to which he pleaded guilty in 1996, he sought at first to divert the police with lies and provide false alibis."

– Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting

Colin Ash-Smith had already tried to kill a woman before Claire's death, court hears

"At the time of Claire's murder Ash-Smith was 24 years old and by that time he had already in December 1988 committed one serious offence against a local woman, some four years earlier, in which he had attempted to murder her by strangling her, and by stabbing her several times in the back, and he had attempted to rape her. She was lucky to survive. The killing of Claire Tiltman did not end his spree because two years later he attacked and stabbed another local woman 360 metres from where the prosecution say he attacked Claire "

– Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting.
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