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WATCH: Fire service video shows devastation after Gunwharf blaze

Inside the destroyed flat Credit: HFRS

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have filmed a video of the damage caused by a blaze at a flat at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.

The blaze broke out on February 25th Credit: @beckiesussex

The video was posted on Youtube with the message:

"We return to the scene of a large fire which devastated a flat at the Roundhouse Tower at Gunwharf Quays recently.

Firefighter Beth Medway, from Southsea Fire Station, tells us about her experiences dealing with the fire and gives us some fire safety tips.

More than 40 firefighters tackled the blaze in a block of flats on Saturday, February 25.

More than 30 firefighters tackle fire at block of flats

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service say they were called to a fire at a block of flats at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth just after midday.

More than 30 firefighters are at the scene. There have been no reports of any injuries. The fire started in a kitchen on the fourth floor.

The video is from @Hamblepoint


Gunwharf Quays evacuated

Gunwharf Quays has been evacuated this morning following the discovery of a WWII German bomb.

A spokesperson for the shopping centre has confirmed that the area has been cleared temporarily.

Police are warning members of the public to avoid the area.

Those evacuated from the area will be directed to the John Pound Centre, in Queen Street, one of two rest centres set up. The other is at Portsmouth Cathedral.

The 300m cordon will also require other areas to be evacuated, including the Wight Link terminal, Old Portsmouth, Portsmouth Harbour station, Gosport ferry station and the Hot Walls areas.


Firefighters discover smouldering drawer stuffed with cigarette ends

Firefighters discover smouldering drawer stuffed with cigarette ends Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth Credit: Chris Ison/PA

Cigarette butts disposed of in a bathroom drawer caused a fire alert at Gunwharf Quays this morning.

Residents on the eighth floor were woken by the sound of a smoke alarm just before 6am and crews from Cosham and Southsea were called to the residential tower at East Side Plaza, better known as the Lipstick Tower.

Smoke was discovered on the floor and firefighters in breathing apparatus traced the fire to a bathroom in one of the flats, where a drawer stuffed with cigarette ends was smouldering.

The firefighters were able to remove the drawer and extinguish the smouldering fire before it spread any further. The resident of the flat had managed to escape having been alerted by the smoke alarm and no-one was injured in the incident.

Mountain bike champ showcase 'Zero Gravity' stunts

Fans of bike stunts have been watching the UK's top mountain bike display team Zero Gravity showcase their skills in Portsmouth.

The show at Gunwharf Quays also featured Effraim Catlow, the former World BMX Freestyle Champion. Speaking to ITV Meridian, Hampshire-based Chris Doney, who is one half of Zero Gravity and also the British Freestyle Champion said the sport attracts people of all ages.

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