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Halloween event organiser denies ads are 'too scary'

We do not intend to cause offence to anyone. The image of the zombie girl on our advertising is no worse than many images you´ll see at this time of year in newspapers and magazines, on the Halloween costumes in the supermarket isles and even kids TV programmes.

We are waiting for the Advertising Standards Authority to come back to us with their judgement to see if we have to take the ads off the buses.

– Stuart Beare, organiser of the Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest event

Halloween bus ads 'too scary'

A number of residents have complained that this advert is too scary for children Credit: Partners Group

Adverts promoting a Halloween attraction near Crawley has been deemed too scary.

The Advertising Standards Authority has received a number of complaints from local residents about the Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest bus advert and is currently investigating to see if any rules have been broken.

The advert is promoting a Halloween attraction in Crawley Credit: Partners Group

The adverts are on the sides of over 100 buses operating across Sussex and South London including Crawley, Croydon, Kingston upon Thames and Tunbridge Wells.


Fangs for coming

Vampires gather at Tulleys Farm, near Crawley

In a sea of black capes, red dresses and fanged teeth, vampires from across the UK swooped in to the Shocktober Fest Halloween festival at Tulleys Farm near Crawley, Sussex last night. 503 vampires turned up setting a new UK record.

Organiser Stuart Beare said: "We had a fantastic turnout of vampires, it was a busy night with well over 2000 on site, and some very imaginative costumes. However because of the strict Guinness dress code for vampires there were many who could not be officially counted. "

The current Guinness World Record was set in America. !039 vampires gathered to take the accolade.

Halloween bad behaviour targeted

Police in Kent tackled several incidents of bad behaviour on Halloween.

Officers were called to the Waterdales area of Northfleet and the Clare Road area of Whitstable after reports of people suspected of throwing eggs at windows.

The eggs were seized from and officers issued words of advice to the offenders.

In Tunbridge Wells, officers patrolled the High Street following a report of young people throwing eggs at property.

Throughout the evening, officers also advised people on the dangers of fireworks after responding to reports of people not using them appropriately.

Unruly Halloween party shut down by police

Police officers were forced to close down an unruly Halloween party of 60 teenagers last night. A mother called police after she was going to drop her daughter off at the party at the Sandy Lane sports pavilion in North Baddesley, Hampshire.

On arrival, police found only one adult - a 50-year-old local woman - in charge of the large group of teenagers. They also seized large quantities of alcohol. A 16-year-old boy, who was unconscious, was taken to Southampton General Hospital for the effects of excess alcohol.

Romsey Inspector Jackie Willson said: “There was not enough adult supervision for the number of youngsters present. The situation where one teenager had to go to hospital because of alcohol is alarming. We know that some local residents were irritated by their noise and behaviour."


Hampshire Police issue trick or treat advice

Poster issued by Hampshire Police Credit: Hampshire Police

Hampshire Police have issued a special poster for residents who do not want trick or treaters this Halloween.

The force says that they hope the poster will help elderly or vulnerable people who do not want to be disturbed this evening.

Local shops are being advised not to sell eggs or flour to anyone under the age 16.

You can download a copy of the poster here.

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