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Residents able to see plans for flood alleviation scheme

Hambledon was severely flooded last winter Credit: ITV Meridian

Residents and businesses who were severely affected by flooding last year are being invited to find out what precautions have been put in place to stop the same happening again.

People in Hambledon will be able to discuss plans on the flood alleviation scheme.

The council will share how they hope to keep the village open for business during the works.


Hambledon braced for more flooding this winter : video

Severe flooding in Hambledon last winter Credit: ITV Meridian

A village that was flooded for 3 months last winter says its bracing itself for another deluge - as ground water levels are rising.

There's already been more rain this year than last and residents in Hambledon say it's not a matter of if they will be flooded again but when.

Kerry Swain has been to speak to residents Neil Mason and Ian Ruthven-Stuart, and Tony Higham from the Flood Action Group

Work started in the summer to lay a one metre wide pipe under the village's main road - at a cost of £3.8m to drain water away.

But the work isn't due to be finished until 2016.


Flooding continues to affect homes in Hambledon

There's growing pressure on the Environment Agency to pay out for crucial flood prevention measures at a village in Hampshire where severe flooding has been a problem for more than 50 years.

Tonight a flood warning remains in place at Hambledon, near Portsmouth, where residents have seen rising waters threatening their homes for over a week.

Today they urged the Government to step in as Richard Jones reports

Flooded villagers living on a 'knife-edge'

Villagers in Hampshire says they are living on a knife edge as the bad weather continues. Last night, a fallen tree knocked out power to a number of homes in Hambledon which are relying on pumps to disperse flood water. Mel Bloor reports.

Interviewees: Hambledon resident Gordon Birdwood and Chair of Hambledon Flood Action Group Tony Higham.

Emergency workers' jobs under threat in flooded village

When homes, streets and businesses are flooded in Hampshire - they are the ones who are sent to help and clean up by the local authority. Today - the emergency teams who've been deployed for weeks because of the floods have been told - you could be out of a job.

The county council is making millions of pounds in savings - and says, at this stage, it's just a proposal - but with flooding becoming more common is this a budget cut too far? Sally Simmonds has been investigating.

Villagers' plea for a permanent flood protection

As the fall out from the recent bad weather continues, the main road of a Hampshire village has become a river after weeks of heavy rain. The residents of Hambledon have been using sandbags and pumps to fight rising flood water since the weekend.

Spirits are high but they want a permanent solution to a problem which began more than 50 years ago. Richard Jones reports.