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Historic flour mill saved by sprinklers

The Solent Flour Mills building Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

One of Southampton's most historic buildings was saved from serious damage yesterday thanks to its in-built sprinkler system. Fire crews were called to the Solent Flour Mills building, now operated by Rank Hovis, at Western Docks just before 10am to a fire on the second floor.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the building and found the floor heavily smoke-logged. They were able to locate and extinguish the fire, which had been contained to the milling machine it started in by the sprinkler system. All staff were safely evacuated from the building and the damage limited to the affected machine.

Group Manager Ryan Thurman, officer in charge of the incident, said: 'The presence of sprinklers in the building prevented this fire from becoming a life-threatening incident and also saved the building and the business from serious damage.

'The activation of the sprinklers meant the fire was kept under control and was stopped from spreading, which helped protect not only the staff in the building but also our firefighters who went into tackle the flames.

'The effect of fire on a company can be catastrophic and systems such as the one installed at the mill can save not only lives but also businesses and jobs.'

The milling machine which was damaged by the fire Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


Fire crews called to blaze at landfill site

Hampshire and Dorset Fire and Rescue Services were called to a fire on the Blue Haze landfill site near Ringwood early this morning.

The fire involved an area of non-hazardous waste approximately two acres in size and around 35 firefighters have worked to contain the fire and bring it under control. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said that smoke may be visible in the local area but it is not believed to present any threat to health. However, he said members of the public should be aware of the possible effects of smoke.

No reports of injuries after major fire in Hampshire

A spokesperson from Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service has said that no-one was injured in a major fire at a group of industrial units at Dradfield Lane in Soberton Heath overnight.

More than 70 firefighters from across the county were called to the scene following the alert shortly after 1.30am.

The units were reported to contain workshops and other businesses - all destroyed. Seven cars were also burned in the blaze.

Portchester fire station updates on industrial fire


Around 70 firefighters tackle blaze in Hampshire

An investigation is underway in Hampshire after a fire at a complex of industrial units on Dradfield Lane in Soberton Heath.

Around 70 firefighters from Wickham, Droxford, Bishops Waltham, Fareham, Cosham, Havant, Eastleigh, Botley, Lyndhurst, Alton, Romsey, Hightown, Southsea, Petersfield, Portchester and Beaulieu were called to the site just after 1.35am.

The units and seven vehicles were destroyed in the blaze. The fire was extinguished at about 6am.

Hampshire firefighters warning about mud and water

Firefighters attend to someone who became stuck in the mud Credit: Hampshire Fire

Hampshire Fire and Rescue are warning teenagers and children about the dangers of mud and water after they attended three separate incidents in the last three days.

Three boys were rescued from mud at Bittern Manor on Sunday, another teenager was rescued from Farlington in Portsmouth and a third was rescued from mud this morning in Southampton.

Station Manager Rob Dellow said, "These incidents act as an urgent reminder of the dangers of mud and water. Luckily the casualties in these recent incidents managed to get out or were rescued by emergency services. These incidents could so easily have had devastating consequences.”

Firefighters attending the incident in Southampton Credit: Hampshire Fire

Their advice for what you should do if you do become stuck in mud include:

  • Stay calm

  • Lie down, spread your arms and legs wide apart and shout for help

  • Get someone to call 999

  • Do not stand upright or attempt any movement as this makes you sink even more quickly

  • If you see someone stuck in the mud, always go for help- do not go into the mud yourself

Farmhouse fire caused by rodents

A fire that badly damaged a house in Cheriton is said to be caused by rodents Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

A house that was severely damaged by a fire in Hampshire is thought to have been caused by rodents chewing the cables.

The fire began in the roof of the historic property in Cheriton and fire investigators have been looking at how the fire started.

They think the cause of the fire was most likely the electrical cabling in the roof - where PVC insulation was chewed off by rodents.

The house's roof and top floor were badly damaged in the blaze but the chief fire officer paid tribute to the firefighters who stopped the flames spreading further.

Station Manager Mark Budden said: “The firefighters worked extremely hard to stop the fire spreading to the rest of the roof and also salvaged much of the owner’s property from the house."

The owner of the house was in at the time of the fire but managed to escape with his family unharmed.

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