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Bishop tells Fred: "Come forward if you are concerned about hospital treatment"

More than 90 elderly people died after treatment at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital. Their deaths have been investigated by police.

An appeal has begun to find out if there are MORE families with questions about how their loved ones were treated.

Fred talked to Bishop James Jones, who is leading an Independent Panel. The Bishop is anxious to hear from anyone with concerns about treatment at the hospital, dating back to the 1980s.


Concerns over wild food foraging in the New Forest

Wild food foraging is growing in popularity Credit: ITV news

The New Forest is being stripped of mushrooms as wild food foraging gains popularity. That's according to the Hampshire Fungus Recording Group - which is calling on the Forestry Commission to impose a ban on ALL mushroom picking. They say the popularity is in part due to TV foodies and celebrity chefs.

Mushroom picking for commercial gain is illegal, but the general public are allowed a total of 1.5kg of mushrooms per person, per day. Society member Sara Cadbury said: " All these programmes about the 'wild food' craze and foraging in the forest merely serve to popularise the idea of mushroom picking. Fungus is a central part to the web of life - nearly all plants and trees rely on them for their growth, as do many invertebrates."

Foragers say a blanket ban on picking mushrooms would be a tragedy. A spokesman for the Forestry Commission said: "We do control and permit events in the New Forest and will direct organised groups to less sensitive sites and discourage them from cutting or picking fungi. By promoting the Fungi Pickers' Code of Conduct we want everyone to have a sensible approach to collecting fungi and only for personal use. We are very aware of the concerns regarding the impacts of unauthorised commercial picking and are working to develop a more robust approach to this in the New Forest, which must be practical and enforceable."

Southampton study aims to improve patient care

Credit: ITV news

A University of Southampton study will investigate how the provision of nurses in hospitals affects the care and safety of patients. The research will examine the relationship between nurse staffing levels, failure to observe patients' vital signs and possible consequences - such as cardiac arrest calls, unanticipated admission to intensive care and death. Missed opportunities to observe and act upon the deterioration of a patient's condition are thought to be important factors in preventable hospital deaths.

Professor Peter Griffiths of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton will lead the research and comments: "The potential for inadequate nursing care to do patients great harm has emerged as a factor in several recent reports into failings in NHS hospitals. These have often noted that staffing levels were an important issue associated with poor care and deaths which could have been avoided. Our study will help give a clear picture of the relationship between staff numbers and negative patient outcomes, using data routinely collected on hospital wards, during thousands of nursing shifts."

In partnership with the Clinical Outcomes Research Group at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust , the researchers will gather information from 32 general inpatient wards across 100,000 shifts. It will use data on nurse staffing levels, combined with vital signs observations and information on the outcome of patients' treatments.

Debra Elliott, Deputy Director of Nursing at PHT, says: "Patient care and patient safety are at the heart of everything we do, and we are delighted to be working with the University of Southampton on this very valuable research. Our participation will enable us to look in unprecedented detail at how staffing levels can impact on patients, and this will be an invaluable learning experience."

M & S to close in Aldershot

Marks and Spencer to close after 80 years Credit: ITV Meridian

After eighty years in business, it's been confirmed the Marks and Spencer store in Aldershot will close at the end of September.

More than eleven thousand people signed a petition to save the store.

In a statement the company says employees will be offered roles at nearby stores.

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