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Heathrow starts Ebola screening

Heathrow has become the first airport in the country to start screening passengers for Ebola.

Only travellers arriving from at risk countries will be checked. The monitoring includes taking temperatures and the completion of questionnaires.

The screening started at Heathrow's Terminal 1 today. It will be extended to other terminals, Gatwick airport and Eurostar by the end of this week.

ITV Meridian spoke to these passengers...

Heathrow ends flightpath trials in Berkshire early

Thousands of people complained - but, tonight, they've been told they can have peace at last. Heathrow Airport has announced its cutting short trials of new flight paths in Berkshire The trials - which are being carried out to reduce airspace congestion - began in August and were due to finish in January. They're now likely to end next month. Residents in Bracknell, Ascot, Sunningdale, Winkfield, Binfield and Warfield, say planes have been flying over their homes every few minutes - and that's meant sleepless nights. Juliette Fletcher has been speaking to residents and Bracknell MP Phillip Lee.


Residents celebrate as Heathrow cuts short flightpath trials

A reprieve for campaigners Credit: PA

Campaigners in Berkshire are celebrating this evening after Heathrow Airport announced it's to cut short its flight path trials over the county.

The trials - which are being carried out to reduce airspace congestion - began in August and were due to finish in January but it's now expected enough data will have been collected by November.

Residents living in affected areas including Bracknell, Ascot, Sunningdale, Winkfield, Binfield and Warfield, say planes have been flying over their homes every few minutes causing disruption and sleepless nights.

British Airways Heathrow flight has been held on runway for three hours while sick passenger is quarantined after health scare

Photo of health officials onboard BA flight from London to Heathrow assessing passenger who fell ill Credit: ITV Meridian

Passengers on the internal flight from London to Aberdeen report that one passenger fell ill onboard the plane and the flight crew alerted the authorities. Local health officials then boarded the plane in face masks and protective clothing and assessed the condition of the poorly passenger. An eye-witness onboard told ITV Meridian that the passengers was then "taken to an isolation unit" and everyone else was told to be on the look out for symptoms of illness. It's not believed at this stage that the passenger is suffering from the Ebola virus

Passenger says baggage chaos has been 'very difficult'

Passenger Phil Jackson has only received one of his 5 bags after landing in Bogota. Day 6 into his 2 week holiday with a group of friends, he is still waiting for 3 pieces of luggage.

He should have left the capital of Columbia as part of his multi-stop trip but instead, is having to wait around to find out what will happen with his luggage. Some of his friends have moved on to avoid losing out on their pre-booked flights and trips.

It was only a couple of days ago too that he discovered that it was not the airline's fault his luggage had gone missing but was in fact due to massive problems at the baggage systems at Heathrow's Terminal 5.


Heathrow baggage chaos at Terminal 5

Heathrow's Terminal 5 has had problems with baggage Credit: PA/File picture

Thousands of British Airways passengers have been forced to fly without their bags.

Problems with the baggage system in Heathrow's Terminal 5 has caused chaos.

In a statement Heathtrow said: "We experienced intermittent issues with the Terminal 5 baggage system between 26 and 29 June which caused some bags to be processed manually.

"Passengers can now check-in bags as normal.

"Manual processing led to some bags not making flights in time.

"While passengers are receiving bags all the time it will take several days to reunite all passengers with their bags.

"We are very sorry for the disruption passengers have experienced and we are working round the clock with airlines to reunite passengers with their bags as quickly as possible."

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French air traffic controllers call off strike early

A strike by French air traffic controllers has been called off, sparing British passengers further days of travel misery. Credit: PA

French air traffic controllers have called off a strike three days early, to the relief of British air passengers who faced disruption to their services this week.

British Airways, Ryanair and easyjet were forced to cancel some services on Tuesday and yesterday because of the action, which had been due to carry on until the end of Sunday.

Anti-Heathrow video wins prize in competition

A video featuring a jumbo jet smashing into a street of houses has won a prize in an anti-Heathrow film competition backed by MP Zac Goldsmith.

The animation came second in a contest where entrants were asked to produce a short film to attract attention to the campaign against the third runway - but the entry has been criticised for being 'in appalling taste' by pro-Heathrow campaigners.

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