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Was hedgehog kicked to death?

A hedgehog found dead in Kent may have been kicked to death.

The hedgehog was a lactating female who had a broken spine, bruising and shattered back legs.

She was put to sleep to end her suffering by a vet who said that the injuries may have been caused deliberately by kicking.

The incident happened in in Estuary Road in Sheerness on July 21.

A call to the RSPCA said the hedgehog had been handed over by someone who claimed to have seen it being kicked around like a football.

RSPCA Inspector Ray Bailey said: “This hedgehog was in a terrible state. It is horrendous to think that these injuries may have been caused deliberately so we would like to hear from anyone with any information on what happened in Estuary Road.”

French hedgehog put into quarantine because of rabies fears

Henri the hedgehog sniffs out his new surroundings Credit: West Sussex County Council

A French hedgehog has been put into quarantine in case he has rabies. Henri sneaked his way into the UK from France and was discovered at Newhaven ferry port. He was taken to a pet sanctuary in West Sussex and given a container of food to tuck into.

Henri was then collected by officers from West Sussex Trading Standards, whose role includes disease control and prevention. He was taken to the Animal Reception Centre at Gatwick Airport where he’ll now be in quarantine for around four months.

“We acted quickly when a vet telephoned us, concerned there could be a risk of rabies,” said Lionel Barnard, County Council Cabinet Member who oversees Trading Standards.

“The risk was low, but we decided it would be better to take no chances and put this little creature in quarantine. The most important thing is to protect the community.”