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Baby hippo born in time for Christmas

The tiny female calf is already on her feet Credit: Marwell

A baby hippo has been born in time for Christmas at Marwell's Wildlife Park and are asking the public to name the new addition.

Weighing just 6 kilos and measuring 15cm in height, the new arrival is already on her feet exploring her new home.

Her 18-year-old mum, Wendy, lived at Marwell and her Dad stayed with Marwell in the summer and the hippo is an important addition to the European Endangered Breeding Programme (EEP).

Staff want the public to help name the hippo by choosing between Gloria, Rosie and Harriet on their website.

Shelly Parkes, Collection Manager at Marwell Zoo said: "We have had a very successful and busy winter this year with lots of new arrivals in the zoo. The birth of a pygmy hippo, a species which is Endangered in the wild, is another great achievement for Marwell."

In the wild pygmy hippos are elusive animals, living in the swamps of western Africa. Pygmy hippos, and their larger cousins, the common hippopotamus, play an important part in maintaining the ecosystems of the African wetlands and the surrounding grasslands and forests.