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Circuit class on ice, crew onboard HMS Protector get fit!

Sailors on board Portsmouth based HMS Protector used a rare lull in the ships busy programme to do an hour long workout session.

Crew were lead by the ship's physical training instructor to do squats and press-ups on thick ice in Antarctica.

Crew perform press-ups and squats on thick ice in Antarctica Credit: Royal Navy

The ship is coming to the end of its 'summer season' surveying the waters around Antarctica.

Due to the icy and cold conditions, the crews have to train inside in usually cramped conditions.

Crew being pushed to their limits during their work out Credit: Royal Navy

The Leading Physical Trainer Gareth Smith said, "The ship was surrounded by ice for miles around and the decision was taken to allow people on the ice.

"The idea then struck me: after a month of being crammed in the ship's lower hold, if we'd played football, what prevented me from taking a circuit class? A chilly one, granted but one in unbelievably pure air, with an amazing back drop and without the constraints of space."

HMS Protector crew after their gruelling work out Credit: Royal Navy

HMS Protector surveys the Southern Ocean

HMS Protector, which used to be based in Portsmouth Credit: PA Images

Previously uncharted areas of the Southern Ocean have been surveyed by personnel on board the Royal Navy ice patrol ship HMS Protector.

The survey findings will help determine the scale of any clean-up work required as a result of previous human presence and whether it would cause unacceptable disruption for the resident penguin colonies.


Royal Navy celebrate in real life winter wonderland

Crew on board HMS Protector have celebrated Christmas in a real life winter wonderland in Antarctica.

They settled down to a traditional Christmas dinner, with the Captain carving the turkey!

Crews on board HMS Protector settle down to a traditional Christmas dinner! Credit: Royal Navy

The ship set sail from Portsmouth back in October and have travelled to Antarctica to carry out surveys and patrol operations.

Commanding Officer, Captain Rhett Hatcher said, "Spending Christmas in the coldest, windiest and driest place on earth comes with a number of challenges but it is a truly unique privilege."

HMS Protector is on patrol in Antarctica to carry out survey and patrol operations Credit: Royal Navy

Antarctic Santa fun run

Rudolph leads HMS Protector's Antarctic Santa Run Credit: UK Crown copyright 2012

Royal Navy sailors from Portsmouth-based ice patrol ship HMS Protector have been taking part in a Santa fun run on the ice of Antarctica.

About 20 members of the ship's company dressed up for the event in support of Protector's affiliated charity, East Anglia's Children's Hospices.

Portsmouth's HMS Protector to head south

HMS Protector on patrol last year Credit: Royal Navy

The Royal Navy’s ice patrol ship, HMS Protector, will leave Portsmouth on Monday for an eight-month deployment surveying and patrolling Antarctica.

On her way south the 5,000-tonne ice-breaker will visit St Helena to conduct surveys of the harbour in preparation for the building of a new jetty.

HMS Protector will arrive in Antarctica for the austral summer and will conduct four periods in the ice.

The ship will also assist with the re-supply of British Antarctic Survey stations in the region.

Captain Peter Sparkes, Protector’s Commanding Officer, said: “Building upon the success - and the lessons identified - from HMS Protector’s inaugural deployment to Antarctica, the ship and her company are ready in all respects to face again the challenges of the southern ocean.

"HMS Protector exemplifies the Royal Navy’s global reach and the UK government’s commitment to British interests in the South Atlantic.”