HMS Tireless in dock at Southampton

HMS Tireless visits Southampton

HMS Tireless has arrived at Southampton's Eastern docks on a five-day visit to give cadets, students and others a taste of life at sea.

HMS Tireless

Submarine tours for sea cadets

Young people will have a chance to sample life on board a nuclear-powered submarine with the arrival of HMS Tireless in Southampton.

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Submarine arrives in Southampton

A Royal Navy nuclear submarine arrived in a port city today almost a year after an officer was killed on board a sister vessel during an almost identical visit.

HMS Tireless, a Trafalgar class submarine, is visiting Southampton, Hampshire, for five days.

The visit is giving local dignitaries and youngsters an opportunity to sample life on board.

In April last year, during a visit by HMS Astute to Southampton, Able seaman Ryan Donovan killed Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux and also shot Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hodge in the stomach


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