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Holiday makers look to relax at home

Holiday businesses in the South are reporting a boost in bookings, in a year of uncertainty for summer holidays.

The schools break up next week and many parents are revising holiday plans, following foreign office warnings of terrorism. But travel companies are trying to compensate, by offering holiday-makers cut-price deals.

Greece is still popular, despite its current debt crisis and protests in the streets of Athens. Andrew Pate reports.

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School holiday policy under fire

Would you risk your child being expelled from school to save money on your summer holiday? That's the threat parents at one school face if they take their children away during term.

The headteacher of Fleetdown primary in Dartford told us fining parents sixty pounds was no deterrent at all. Instead Angela Konarzewski says she's ready to expel children if they take a break when they should be at school.

Many parents have reacted angrily saying they can't afford to go away in school holidays.

David Johns reports, speaking to the headteacher and parents outside the school.


Fines not deterring parents from taking kids on holiday

Video. According to a survey out today, almost half of parents are willing to take their children on holiday during term-time, despite the threat of big fines. The Government has stopped head teachers giving children leave during term time, saying it disrupts their education.

But families say holidays are much too expensive in school breaks and they are being ripped off.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Suzie Balmbro, whose son Sam would struggle going away during busy times, Polly Honeychurch, a head teacher at a primary school in the South, Louise Hodges from Travelzoo and MP Michael Gove, Education Secretary.